Thought for the day: The travel destinations are endless

One thing I have found out since I have lived in the UK is that the places to which you can travel are endless.

You can take the train to Paris for the weekend, or Dublin, or Scotland. You can go where ever your heart desires quite easily when it comes to places in Europe.

I mean, my friends and I got a round trip ticket to Dublin for the weekend for £40. Can you say amazing?

It is so easy to just hop on the train…or catch a cheap flight to take a weekend to go to a different destination. A weekend to see something new.

When I am in America, people go to a different state for the weekend. Not a different country. It is normal for my, as a Floridian to say I am going to a different city in Florida for the weekend… not even a different state.

However, here in London, I can say “oh yes, for a weekend get-a-way I am going to Ireland.” Come on! How great is that?

It is so easy to travel when you are in Europe. Everything is so close.

How can I NOT take advantage of this opportunity? I will gladly go broke to experience as many different places in Europe as possible.

Which at this moment in time… I am doing just that (sorry mom for making you give your broke daughter money).

It is worth it though. I rather travel than eat. Or shop….maybe.

I do love shopping.

Nope, I would pay for traveling rather than shopping, if need be.

Traveling is something not alot of people get to do. So, I might as well do it while I am young and unattached.

Live life to the fullest right?

So bring it on Europe! Let’s travel! 🙂

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  1. Enjoy Dublin Jordan & don’t forget to see ‘the tart with the cart’ 😛


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