Baby Update: 10 months old!

img_0099We have had quite an exciting month watching Aurora grow and learn! Time is speeding by and she is turning into such a sweet (sometimes sassy) little person.

Height and weight: Not sure about height as we wont get that measurement till her 12 month check up. However, the little chunk is weighing in at around 22 pounds!

Clothing: Aurora is quickly outgrowing 9 month clothing…9-12 months and some 12 month clothing fits. We fit 12 month shorts in the thigh area…the rest is a bit big. Shirts fit in the width, not the length.

Gotta love our chubby little cherub ❤

Sleeping: Aurora likes to fight bedtime, but thanks to Daddy, he found the secret to getting the peanut to sleep…music! He puts on some tunes (of all genres) and off she goes to sleep.

Food: What does this girl NOT eat? She literally loves EVERYTHING! We still have milk every 3-4 hours.

Aurora loves puffs, yogis, and anything mummy and daddy will let her try! She even is getting to eat with the older kids at daycare now for meals and snacks.

A new favourite (introduced by her Gami) is pineapple! Little girl loves her some pineapple!

Noises and sounds: Aurora now says, “mumumu” which obviously is her way of telling me how much she loves me. She also loves to babble and make noises all the time.

Milestones: WE HAVE A CRAWLER! Yes, that is right, as of last week, we have ourselves a little crawler. Let me tell you, that girl is FAST too!

The first thing Aurora crawled to? The dog’s stinky, slobbery toy rope. No need to crawl to your own toys…go get the smelly one the dog chews on. Gross. Oh well, it at least got her crawling!

Now, let all the mischief begin.

Favourite things: Aurora has recently figured out she likes to play “peek-a-boo” with Daddy. Aurora LOVES watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, TMNT, and Peppa Pig.

Aurora loves playing with her friends at daycare…even more now that she can follow them around!

Aurora likes to crawl and touch all the things…even when she is not suppose to. She also loves crawling on/petting Morrison, tickles, cuddles, and bath time.

Featured Image -- 2305Dislikes: Naps (crazy kid..), putting on clothes, not getting attention, and people not sharing their food.

Fun Things
: We had a mini photo shoot with Aurora in some of her cute Disney Baby outfits…she makes a pretty adorable little Snow White.

(You can check out more photos at this link: Disney Baby for life)

Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy LOVED seeing Aurora crawl for the first time, and seeing how much happier she is now that she can get herself around. Daddy also enjoyed seeing Aurora crawl…and he loves Fridays when Aurora stays home from daycare and stays with him!

Our little beauty is getting so big and learning new things daily! Can’t wait to see what the next month holds in store. 🙂

Baby Update: 9 months old!

Another month down! Our little princess is 9 months old today! I can barely handle how fast she is growing. 😦

Height and weight: We had our 9 month check up the other day and Aurora is now 27 1/2 inches tall (which is crazy since she always has her legs bent, we never knew she was THAT tall!) and she weights a whopping 20lbs 11oz. Little chunk! She is still, consistently, in the 75% percentile across the board. ❤

Clothing: We have not moved to 9-12 month clothing yet, which is nice for Mummy and Daddy to have some clothes last a bit longer than usual). We are slowly wearing less onesies and more pants/shirt combos…with the occasional tutu. 😉

Sleeping: We started daycare last week, which means naps are rare. On a plus, that makes bedtime easier and less tossing and turning during the night. Tired baby equals for some deep sleeping.

Food: Aurora still drinks milk every 3 or so hours, we also sometimes suppliment the last bottle depending on if Mummy can keep up with the amount of milk Aurora likes to drink.

As always, this little chub LOVES all food. She is now at the age where she knows when we’re making and/or eating food and makes a fuss for us to share.

Noises and sounds: Lots of babbling these days. Sounds like “da”, “ba”, and “ya” are the fun ones. Giggling and screeching is also a normal noise that comes from Aurora regularly.

Milestones: Still no crawling, just lots of butt scooting and rolling. However, yesterday Aurora pulled herself up to her knees for the first time! I see trouble in our near future! 🙂

Favourite things: Aurora loves being held in the air, tickled, and pulling people’s faces and hair. She loves playing with her toys, anything to do with water, and eating anything we will share.

We also enjoy being a social butterfly and making friends and playing with them.

Dislikes:  Sleeping is a pretty big dislike. She fights us for a while on naps and bedtime now. Other than that she is a happy, loving little pumpkin.

Fun things!: Our little peanut’s personality is showing more and more. With all the rolling, she has become curious about things and gets into some mischief. When we tell her “no” she thinks it’s funny. Cheeky little trouble maker.

She has also realized that if she makes enough noise she can get the dog to join in the noise making. She also finds this funny, even if it drives Mummy and Daddy crazy (currently happening as I type this…).

Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Daddy’s favourite moment was Aurora saying “dad dad” as her first word. Mummy loves how Aurora goes with an open mouth for kisses now! 

Both of us also enjoy how she is starting to dance and jump when music comes on! She loves music. 

Can’t believe Aurora is officially 9 months old! Our baby is growing so fast! Can’t wait to see what happens this month! ❤️

Baby Update: 8 months old!

IMG_0041Our sweet little pumpkin is 8 months old! I feel like just yesterday she was a tiny, wrinkly newborn. *sigh* I feel like I am being robbed of the baby stage. It is not nearly long enough.

Height and weight: Aurora is growing like a weed…at least weight wise. We have to wait till her 9 month check up for her height, but she is weighing in at around 21 pounds! (What a chunk!)

Clothing: Still rocking the 9 month sizes! She is out growing clothes faster than she can wear them! Good thing we have a baby friend to give clothes too…along with selling them to Stellie Bellies for store credit to buy more clothes!

Can we also appreciate that although Aurora is fitting 9 month clothing, she has the tiniest feet! Her feet are barely fitting in 3-6 month shoes. Not like she ever wears shoes, but still, her feet are sooooo small!

Sleeping: We have digressed to sleeping with Mummy and Daddy again. However, that will be explained when you see the milestone we hit the other week. 🙂

Food: Aurora is enjoying sharing all of Mummy and Daddy’s food. She will try anything!

She loves sitting in her high chair, eating her puffs and yogis (Happy Baby brand snacks) and drinking extremely diluted apple juice from her sippy cup!

Our little chubs also loves smoothies. Drinking from a straw is super easy for her, she is such a pro!

Milk is still her favorite and the majority of her diet. She has learned to hold her bottle by herself recently! Such a big girl!

Noises and sounds: Still very opinionated and talkative! She has begun to make the “da da” sound, which is super cute and makes Daddy’s heart melt some.

This month Aurora has also figured out how to squeal…and boy, does that girl have a set of lungs on her! 13600204_10153646268813038_567293734738658818_n

Milestones: Aurora cut her first teeth through the other day! (Hence sleeping in our bed again, poor little teething baby). We now have to watch our fingers when we feed her…that little razor tooth hurts!

Peanut is still not crawling (despite really trying to), but she did figure out she can roll to get to where she wants to go. She really enjoys rolling towards her toys and her fur brother.

Favourite things: Still loves eating, watching TMNT, and playing. She loves to play on the floor and roll towards the dog!

Also, Aurora loves swimming in the pool, bath time, and visiting the hair salon and getting selfies and love from all the stylists.

Dislikes: Pretty sure this child will NEVER be a fan of carseats. On a whole though, this girl does not have many dislikes, thankfully!

Fun things!: Aurora started daycare two weeks ago! She loves playing with the other kids! She goes to the daycare lady with no problem, thankfully!

Aurora also got to see her first dolphin the other day! While we were walking Morrison behind our apartment, on the water, there was a couple dolphins swimming near the wall. So, Morrison, Aurora and myself all went to the wall and watched the dolphins swim. Aurora was very observant of this new creature and seemed to enjoy the dolphin watching.

IMG_0026Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy’s favourite moment is probably see peanut having so much fun playing with her new friends at daycare. Also, Mummy will always remember when she figured out Aurora cut through her first tooth…feeding her some food and getting bit by that new tooth (and it definately hurt!)

Daddy loves how Aurora is starting to cuddle more! She will just lay her head on our chests and snuggle. It is so sweet and heart warming to feel so much love for and from this little girl in moments like that.

It amazes us daily how much she is turning into a little toddler. Out sweet baby is such a happy soul, and brings smiles to anyone she comes into contact with.

I am so glad I get to continue to watch her grow. Mummy and daddy grow more and more in love with her each day.

Baby Update: 2 months old! 


 Aurora is 2 months old and growing like a weed! She is somehow getting more and more beautiful everyday. 

Height & weight: Aurora weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces and is 22 1/4 inches long! 

Clothing: Aurora fits 0-3 months clothing! Our big girl is growing fast. 

Sleeping: Peanut will sleep from about 10 till about 5, which mummy is very thankful for. 

However, we fight napping during the day… Would hate to miss any excitement 😉

Food: Still loving that boob milk. However she is beginning to eyeball mummy and daddy’s food. Soon enough little one…

Noises & sounds: Someone has become quite the chatter box this month! Coo-ing and laughing are the new regular. Baby loves having conversations with mummy and daddy! 

  Favorite things: Baby is really into sucking on her hands and blowing spit bubbles lately. We also love bath time and getting our bum changed! 

Unhappy things: Not a fan of napping during the day…and we cry and scream when she drinks all the milk in the bottle (practically turns into a baby Hulk). 

Funny things: We have quite the chubster. Pot belly and fat thighs are baby’s current fashion statement. 

Baby is helping mummy get back in shape. We do squats and Aurora enjoys walks with her Aunt Janai and Nico. 

Aurora helps mummy coach diving a couple times a week…she enjoys flirting with the boys at the pool and getting all their attention. 😉 

Mummy’s favorite memory this month: When baby was laughing in her sleep in the middle of the night. The new noise scared mummy half to death! Also, taking peanut in the pool for the first time was also something memorable I loved 🙂

Daddy’s favorite memory this month: Daddy says he doesn’t have just one favourite moment. He just enjoys how responsive she is to us now, smiling and talking to us. It’s the best feelings in the world. 

I am sure our little peanut will do a lot more growing and learning in the next month. 

We love every moment of watching our little one turn from a baby into more and more of a tiny human. ❤️

Baby Update: Welcome, Aurora!

IMG_1221Well ladies and gents, I am proud to say our peanut has finally arrived (6 day late) and she is beautiful and healthy.

Her name? Although many think it may actually be Peanut, is actually Aurora.

So you get an idea of how my labor and delivery went, I decided to write this post a bit like a timeline.

Friday, November 13 at 2PM: We had a doctors appointment where they did an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid, I had to also do a non-stress test and see my OB.

The test all came back perfect, so when we saw my OB she said we could induce Tuesday if baby did not arrive on her own. At that appointment I was only 3cm dilated, but my doctor said my cervix was easy to manipulate and told me, after she messed with it, that I would have some cramping and sometimes it can cause women’s water to break.

My husband and I went home thinking we would not have a baby till Tuesday. Clearly, we were wrong.

10PM: I started have TERRIBLE cramping. Now, when I say terrible, I mean they were making me break into a sweat and I about wanted to throw up every time one came about. At this point, the cramping was happening every 5-6 minutes or so.

Saturday, November 14 at 2:30AM: At this point the cramping was only getting worse and for a longer period of time. I could not sleep, felt like I was going to throw up, and nothing was helping relieve the pain. So, after thinking these may not be normal cramps and may actually be contractions, I called my mom.

Of course, she spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with me timing the contractions before coming to pick us up. They were every 3-5 minutes and lasted about 45 seconds. Suppose it makes sense NOW why she did that, but at the time…I was not amused.

3:30AM: I woke up my husband, who was fighting a nasty cold, and we got dressed and ready to go down to the hospital. My mom picked us up and off we went!

IMG_12145AM: We got put into a triage room in Baby Place and they had me all hooked up to monitor my contractions and baby’s heart rate. Baby was not in distress and the contractions were still consistently happening.

Around this time the nurse came in and said she wanted me to walk the hallway…until 6AM. Then she would come back to visit and check my cervix. Walking for an hour with contractions, once again I was not amused. However, I did my best and my mom and husband switched off walking with me, so at least I wasn’t bored.

7:30AM: I finished up my walking and was still only 3cm dilated (shocker…) and now we waited patiently for an ultrasound tech to come check out baby and my amniotic fluid amount.

There was only one tech on duty, since it was a weekend, and we waited for what felt like ages. However, once she was able to come check me out, we realized it was a good thing they did not send me home.

8:40AM: We get told my amniotic fluid was only HALF what it should be, meaning my water had broke and I was leaking! However, I did not realize this and could not even tell you when this might have occurred, but cool!

IMG_1217Next thing we know they are placing an IV in me (which took the poor girl 3 times because I have tiny veins) and they moved me to a labor and delivery room!

9:30AM: I had the sweetest nurse, her name was Jana, and she gave my husband and I the run down on what was going to happen from here on out.

I was going to be induced to jump start the labor process, since my body likes to dilate at the speed of a pregnant sloth. They started the pitocin and told me once I had more frequent contractions I could get and epidural.

10:30AM: All was well, contractions coming more intense and frequently. And we knew the pitocin was working because it did make me sick once. However, good thing I had not eaten since the day before so puking up water was a bit less gross.

IMG_1216A little while later my new best friend came into the room. The anesthsesiologist came to give me my epidural! Bless him! However, poor guy kept hitting my spine because apparently I am “extremely boney”, but after about 4 tries he got the epidural in and gave me an extra 5 cc’s. OH MAN! I twitched suddenly and within minutes was back to my happy, pain free self. It was glorious!

11:30AM: Around this time they came to check my cervix. I was 5cm! Half way there! They said they figured at this rate I would have the baby sometime that evening.

1:30PM: All of the sudden I could feel contractions again. Not in the cramps pain way, but in the “oh my gosh I feel like I have to poop” way. Every time a contraction hit, I got that feeling…and it just kept getting more intense.

That feeling to “push” that everyone gets closer to baby being born was happening, but much sooner than imagined. My mom went and got our nurse, who was on lunch, and she came and checked my cervix. Next thing you know is she says, “Well, I’m going to go call the doctor. Looks like you’ll be having this baby in the next half hour or so.”

HOLY COW! I’m going to have a baby! How insane is that?! Although, at that moment I was really more intent on the fact that I didn’t think we needed the doctor and we could get her out right then and there.

I also was finally told where the button was for extra hits from the epidural. Let me tell you, every 20 minutes I hit it for some extra. It helped some with the pushing urge and pain.

2:15PM: My doctor came and it was time to have this baby. We got all set up and I was able to start pushing. Three big pushes per contraction and I was making good progress. Finally, our peanut wanted to come out…and moved quickly to do so.

Saturday, November 14 at 2:36PM: After 6 contractions, I was able to reach down and grab my baby and put her on my chest. It was the most surreal and amazing experience of my life.

She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was just under 19 inches long. So much preciousness wrapped up in such a tiny package. 

Thank you to my husband and mom for being with me throughout the entire process. And thank you to the staff at Bayfront Baby Place for being amazing and helpful from start to finish. 🙂

We welcome Aurora Hill to the world. Now, our lives have changed forever, in the best way possible.



Baby Update: 40 weeks!!

 We have made it to our due date everyone…and still not baby as of this blog post. I am certainly glad to know that I am just THAT good of a human incubator that my child wants to stay in there past the 40 week mark.

Baby is now the size of a pumpkin! Weighing in at 7.5 pounds and measuring anywhere between 19-22 inches long. At this point in the game, baby could be a range of sizes…so eventually we will see just how chubby this little peanut is.

Baby Doctor Appointments: When I went in Friday, I was once again a little sad to find out I was only 1.5 centimeters dilated. Looks like I dilate about a half a centimeter a week at this point. Great…

Baby’s heart rate was a strong 130 and sounded great! My doctor was able to feel Peanut’s little feet that get me in the side all the time as well. (I always thought they were feet, I was proud to know I was right!)

Since Peanut has reached her due date without arriving, I did have to make another appointment for this week. Luckily, my doctor is only going to allow me to go about a week past my due date before inducing.

So, at my next appointment they are going to do an ultrasound to guesstimate baby’s weight and check her out, do an amniotic fluid test, and do a few more tests to see how our little one is doing. If by chance ANY of those tests are not 100% they will send me straight to the hospital to be induced that evening. If she checks out and seems awesome then I can wait till the following Monday to be induced (which would be ideal due to the fact my doctor would be on-call that evening).

Really, it is just a waiting game.

Labor Symptoms: Well, even though I am doing EVERYTHING I can to encourage this little one to come into the world, she still doesn’t seem to want to budge.

However, the last three days I have been getting random off and on cramping. My doctor said that was a good sign! Now, for those who are thinking cramping…as in menstrual cramping…think again. This cramping is 10x worse than any menstrual cramps I have ever had. It is not fun…but worth it if it means I get to hold my darling soon!

I have also been having (the last day or so) strange back pain. It is similar to a back cramp, the location changes some, but it is not in the least bit comfortable…especially come bed time.

Perhaps both of these things are good signs of my body finally getting ready to spit out this tiny human? *Hopeful thoughts!*

Other Fun Things: As of Friday I officially worked my last day teaching. I also had my last day of coaching for the season this past week. So, now it looks like I will have some time to sleep and clean relax before our peanut’s arrival. Although, going from 50 hour a week work weeks to nothing may be a bit strange, I am sure catching up on TV shows and spending some quality time with the hubby will be enough to keep me entertained.

Fingers crossed that Peanut decides to grace us with her presence soon! Mummy and Daddy are anxiously awaiting the day we get to hold her and hear her cute little baby cries. We are ready for our lives to change forever.

40 weeks down, who knows how many days to go…

Baby update: 39 weeks! 

As everyone else I know is having their little ones, I sit here writing yet another blog post because my tiny human is comfy and doesn’t want to come out yet. *sigh*

This week, Baby Hill is around the size of a watermelon (yes, I finally got to use that fruit equivalent!). She weighs around 7 pounds and is anywhere between 19-21 inches long.

Peanut is fully cooked at this point and can come at any moment!

Doctor Appointment Update : At my last visit, we had some improvement. I was 70% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated.

Even with that bit of progress, our little princess has decided inside mummy’s tummy is better than the real world… And so, we continue to anxiously await her arrival.

I also found it interesting that I have lost nearly two pounds since my last appointment. Apparently that is normal due to baby continuing to grow and make less and less room for the rest of my under parts.

Fingers crossed that she comes before my next appointment…that would be a nice thing for her to do 😉

The Struggle: With one week till baby’s due date, I am a miserable human being.

I can’t sleep, can’t breathe properly if I lie down, and my back hurts. And, on top of all that, life itself and pretty much everyone in it annoys me.

My recent motto has become, “I give zero f@!#s”. Because… Well, I don’t.

Birthday Predictions: At this point, I have no clue when she’ll arrive. I truly believed she would be an October baby… And as of today that is no longer possible.

To keep from becoming anxious/frustrated, I have stopped assuming she’ll come soon. I mean, if she’s not out within a week, the princess is getting evicted from the castle anyways.

Sorry (not sorry) darling, you can’t stay in there forever.

Other things: I find it amusing when people ask how far I am, I tell them, and then they find out I am still working as a middle school teacher.

Yes, I am about to pop (literally).

Yes, I still teach and coach full-time.

Why? Because I like being busy and don’t feel the need to sit at home, be bored, and be more miserable that I already feel. Also, we need the money AND I may slightly be a crazy person on top of it all. 😉

On a plus, my maternity leave starts after this Friday. Can’t believe I am going to make it to my last week of teaching before baby arrives.

As the days flutter by, I am more and more anxious to meet my little girl and finally hold her in my arms. I’m looking forward to all the hard work that is to come. Hopefully see you soon little one. ❤️

39 weeks down, 1 week to go! 

Baby Update: 38 weeks!

 14 days left. I believe it is acceptable to now start counting down by days.

This week, Peanut is the size of swiss chard. So, that means she is weighing in at around 6.5 pounds and measuring about 20 inches long.

She is certainly proving to me daily how big she is getting. Stretching out is her favourite activity.

Doctor Appointment Update: Went in Thursday for another appointment. My cervix is softened, I am 50% effaced still and I am half a centimeter dilated. It has begun! Now to just get her moving a bit faster and I would be happy!

Also, apparently baby’s head is far enough down that the doctor could feel the tip of her head. That is a finger length away from her exit! WOW!

I have another appointment this week, so fingers crossed for even more of an improvement. 🙂

Helping her along: I have absolutely loved being pregnant…until the last week or so. I am uncomfortable, have no patience and am grumpy (sorry to those I have been sassy at).

So, to encourage her to hurry up, I have been trying to do things to jump-start labor.

  • I am walking…TONS. Which is not much of a change from my daily life since teachers walk lots anyways.
  • I attempt to eat spicier foods.
  • I take the stairs when possible. For those of you who know my level of clumsiness, don’t worry. I only take the stairs UP…not DOWN. I don’t need help falling, especially with my center of gravity being all baby belly.
  • I also have started bouncing on a yoga ball. This one I have been told helps a lot. It has managed to make me feel funny, so we will see if yoga ball bouncing is magical or nah.

Birthday Predictions: My sister thinks baby will be here on October 27th. I am hoping she is right. I personally do not want my peanut born on Halloween. So she better not miss her window of opportunity. 😉

Delivery worries & thoughts: I am starting to realise that soon I will be birthing a small human. It is quite scary. I have faith it’ll all be fine, but still, thoughts of things that could go wrong pop into my head sometimes.

Luckily, my husband is reassuring and helps me put my worries aside.

At this point, I am so ready to have her in my arms that anticipation outweighs my worries. HURRY UP TINY ONE!

Other fun things: My poor furbabies must know something is going on. Both have been extremely cuddly the last few days. Perhaps that is a sign!

My TP divers had Districts the other day. Baby was good and didn’t come while I was judging (that could have been awkward). YAY for my kiddos as well for making it to Regions! Now, we just need to hope baby comes before or after Regions so I can go 🙂

38 weeks down, 2 weeks to go!

Baby Update: Week 37!

IMG_4174Figured at this point in the pregnancy I may as well update on a weekly basis since baby can come whenever she wants.

This week baby is the size of a winter melon (which I didn’t know existed). So she is measuring anywhere between 19-21 inches and is weighing somewhere between 6-6.5 pounds.

This baby girl is attempting to stretch my tummy out to its very limit. The constant discomfort has officially set it. I am ready for this tiny human to come meet mummy and daddy now.

Baby Doctor Appointments: I am officially on weekly visits to the Doctors so they can check on Peanut regularly.

This week I had to have my finger pricked, which I am sooooo glad I did not know ahead of time. I HATE my finger being pricked. Possibly my least favourite thing in the world.

However, my iron is up two points so that’s a good thing! Glad to know the supplements are doing their job.

Baby’s heart rate is still a strong 140 and she is measuring well. I have still not hit the 25 pound mark for pregnancy weight gain, so I am pretty happy with that.

To my slight disappointment surprise my cervix is still closed and I am not dilated AT ALL. I am 50% effaced, but that means very little without dilation at this point. So, all that pelvic pain and groin tingle/pain is just baby staying comfortable…not getting ready to meet us. (Must admit I am a little sad about it).

Baby Prep: I finally received my Posh Pushers labor and delivery gown in the mail! So excited to look cute and stylish to welcome our little princess into the world! Plus, who wouldn’t pick a pink and white gown to the yucky blue ones they have at hospitals. Plus, now I don’t have to walk around with my tush hanging out for everyone to see.

Hospital bag for baby and mummy are set and ready to go. I added the finishing touches yesterday, including my pink owl Boppy for baby to relax on when breastfeeding.

Symptoms: I can now understand why most women find the last few weeks of pregnancy to be the hardest. HOLY COW AM I UNCOMFORTABLE!

This baby has me peeing constantly, feeling pains through my pelvis, groin and legs, and my waddle (which I like to call pregnancy swag) is looking as fabulous as ever.

I even had one of my middle school darlings comment on my waddle the other day. He was running to lunch and came up to me saying, “Mrs. Hill! I thought you were a student for a second, then I saw your waddle and I knew nahhhh that’s just Mrs. Hill.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, plus, he is one of my favourite little 8th graders.

Birthday Predictions: Well, my prediction and my husbands prediction have passed. My mom thinks today…so we will see. At this point, I have decided to stop hoping and wishing her to come early so I can relax and NOT get my hopes up. Baby will be here when she is good and ready…

It is amazing how quickly this is all going to happen! Literally any day now she could decide it is time to come out! Although I am not looking forward to the pain of labor, I am looking forward to holding my little girl for the first time.

37 weeks down, 3 weeks more to go!

Baby Update: 36 weeks! 

 Holy cow! Only one month (or less) to go before the tiny human is here!

This week our darling little Peanut is the size of a large cantaloupe. Weighing in at around 6lbs and measuring around 19 inches in length.

Lots of fun has happened the past two weeks, so here we go…

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: I went in last Thursday for another check up. Baby is measuring about 13 inches from head to rump! I can’t figure out how she still fits in there…can’t imagine it’s comfy.

Also was checked out and had no dilation yet. The cramping I had was a slight case of Braxton Hicks and I was told to monitor them.

My next appointment is this Thursday. I can’t wait to see if there is any progress with baby’s time to arrive!

Symptoms: As of the last week or so I have had HORRIBLE pelvic pain. After calling my doctor’s office and some googling, I found out I am neither dying or alone in feeling this pain. This pain is caused by baby dropping and my pelvic bone making room for her to eventually exit. I was told in most cases the pain goes away after a couple of days, I am apparently not most cases. Go figure 😉

However, due to the pelvic pain and fatigue of the last few weeks of pregnancy, I have enjoyed a couple of personal days off work. It was nice spending time with the furbabies and the hubby.

Birthday Predictions: my close group of teacher friends (squad) have put in their predictions. They seem to think baby will be here sometime between October 20-25.

Other Fun Things: The hubby and I went to a wedding last night. I managed to wear heels and still dance the night away (to an extent). Although, towards the end of the evening I was happy to take off my shoes and head home to sleep.

My hospital bag is almost packed… Still needing to add some things, but I hope to get that done today 🙂

Can’t believe she will be here so soon!

36 weeks down, 4 more to go!