Baby Update: Welcome, Aurora!

IMG_1221Well ladies and gents, I am proud to say our peanut has finally arrived (6 day late) and she is beautiful and healthy.

Her name? Although many think it may actually be Peanut, is actually Aurora.

So you get an idea of how my labor and delivery went, I decided to write this post a bit like a timeline.

Friday, November 13 at 2PM: We had a doctors appointment where they did an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid, I had to also do a non-stress test and see my OB.

The test all came back perfect, so when we saw my OB she said we could induce Tuesday if baby did not arrive on her own. At that appointment I was only 3cm dilated, but my doctor said my cervix was easy to manipulate and told me, after she messed with it, that I would have some cramping and sometimes it can cause women’s water to break.

My husband and I went home thinking we would not have a baby till Tuesday. Clearly, we were wrong.

10PM: I started have TERRIBLE cramping. Now, when I say terrible, I mean they were making me break into a sweat and I about wanted to throw up every time one came about. At this point, the cramping was happening every 5-6 minutes or so.

Saturday, November 14 at 2:30AM: At this point the cramping was only getting worse and for a longer period of time. I could not sleep, felt like I was going to throw up, and nothing was helping relieve the pain. So, after thinking these may not be normal cramps and may actually be contractions, I called my mom.

Of course, she spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with me timing the contractions before coming to pick us up. They were every 3-5 minutes and lasted about 45 seconds. Suppose it makes sense NOW why she did that, but at the time…I was not amused.

3:30AM: I woke up my husband, who was fighting a nasty cold, and we got dressed and ready to go down to the hospital. My mom picked us up and off we went!

IMG_12145AM: We got put into a triage room in Baby Place and they had me all hooked up to monitor my contractions and baby’s heart rate. Baby was not in distress and the contractions were still consistently happening.

Around this time the nurse came in and said she wanted me to walk the hallway…until 6AM. Then she would come back to visit and check my cervix. Walking for an hour with contractions, once again I was not amused. However, I did my best and my mom and husband switched off walking with me, so at least I wasn’t bored.

7:30AM: I finished up my walking and was still only 3cm dilated (shocker…) and now we waited patiently for an ultrasound tech to come check out baby and my amniotic fluid amount.

There was only one tech on duty, since it was a weekend, and we waited for what felt like ages. However, once she was able to come check me out, we realized it was a good thing they did not send me home.

8:40AM: We get told my amniotic fluid was only HALF what it should be, meaning my water had broke and I was leaking! However, I did not realize this and could not even tell you when this might have occurred, but cool!

IMG_1217Next thing we know they are placing an IV in me (which took the poor girl 3 times because I have tiny veins) and they moved me to a labor and delivery room!

9:30AM: I had the sweetest nurse, her name was Jana, and she gave my husband and I the run down on what was going to happen from here on out.

I was going to be induced to jump start the labor process, since my body likes to dilate at the speed of a pregnant sloth. They started the pitocin and told me once I had more frequent contractions I could get and epidural.

10:30AM: All was well, contractions coming more intense and frequently. And we knew the pitocin was working because it did make me sick once. However, good thing I had not eaten since the day before so puking up water was a bit less gross.

IMG_1216A little while later my new best friend came into the room. The anesthsesiologist came to give me my epidural! Bless him! However, poor guy kept hitting my spine because apparently I am “extremely boney”, but after about 4 tries he got the epidural in and gave me an extra 5 cc’s. OH MAN! I twitched suddenly and within minutes was back to my happy, pain free self. It was glorious!

11:30AM: Around this time they came to check my cervix. I was 5cm! Half way there! They said they figured at this rate I would have the baby sometime that evening.

1:30PM: All of the sudden I could feel contractions again. Not in the cramps pain way, but in the “oh my gosh I feel like I have to poop” way. Every time a contraction hit, I got that feeling…and it just kept getting more intense.

That feeling to “push” that everyone gets closer to baby being born was happening, but much sooner than imagined. My mom went and got our nurse, who was on lunch, and she came and checked my cervix. Next thing you know is she says, “Well, I’m going to go call the doctor. Looks like you’ll be having this baby in the next half hour or so.”

HOLY COW! I’m going to have a baby! How insane is that?! Although, at that moment I was really more intent on the fact that I didn’t think we needed the doctor and we could get her out right then and there.

I also was finally told where the button was for extra hits from the epidural. Let me tell you, every 20 minutes I hit it for some extra. It helped some with the pushing urge and pain.

2:15PM: My doctor came and it was time to have this baby. We got all set up and I was able to start pushing. Three big pushes per contraction and I was making good progress. Finally, our peanut wanted to come out…and moved quickly to do so.

Saturday, November 14 at 2:36PM: After 6 contractions, I was able to reach down and grab my baby and put her on my chest. It was the most surreal and amazing experience of my life.

She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was just under 19 inches long. So much preciousness wrapped up in such a tiny package. 

Thank you to my husband and mom for being with me throughout the entire process. And thank you to the staff at Bayfront Baby Place for being amazing and helpful from start to finish. 🙂

We welcome Aurora Hill to the world. Now, our lives have changed forever, in the best way possible.



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