Baby Update: 40 weeks!!

 We have made it to our due date everyone…and still not baby as of this blog post. I am certainly glad to know that I am just THAT good of a human incubator that my child wants to stay in there past the 40 week mark.

Baby is now the size of a pumpkin! Weighing in at 7.5 pounds and measuring anywhere between 19-22 inches long. At this point in the game, baby could be a range of sizes…so eventually we will see just how chubby this little peanut is.

Baby Doctor Appointments: When I went in Friday, I was once again a little sad to find out I was only 1.5 centimeters dilated. Looks like I dilate about a half a centimeter a week at this point. Great…

Baby’s heart rate was a strong 130 and sounded great! My doctor was able to feel Peanut’s little feet that get me in the side all the time as well. (I always thought they were feet, I was proud to know I was right!)

Since Peanut has reached her due date without arriving, I did have to make another appointment for this week. Luckily, my doctor is only going to allow me to go about a week past my due date before inducing.

So, at my next appointment they are going to do an ultrasound to guesstimate baby’s weight and check her out, do an amniotic fluid test, and do a few more tests to see how our little one is doing. If by chance ANY of those tests are not 100% they will send me straight to the hospital to be induced that evening. If she checks out and seems awesome then I can wait till the following Monday to be induced (which would be ideal due to the fact my doctor would be on-call that evening).

Really, it is just a waiting game.

Labor Symptoms: Well, even though I am doing EVERYTHING I can to encourage this little one to come into the world, she still doesn’t seem to want to budge.

However, the last three days I have been getting random off and on cramping. My doctor said that was a good sign! Now, for those who are thinking cramping…as in menstrual cramping…think again. This cramping is 10x worse than any menstrual cramps I have ever had. It is not fun…but worth it if it means I get to hold my darling soon!

I have also been having (the last day or so) strange back pain. It is similar to a back cramp, the location changes some, but it is not in the least bit comfortable…especially come bed time.

Perhaps both of these things are good signs of my body finally getting ready to spit out this tiny human? *Hopeful thoughts!*

Other Fun Things: As of Friday I officially worked my last day teaching. I also had my last day of coaching for the season this past week. So, now it looks like I will have some time to sleep and clean relax before our peanut’s arrival. Although, going from 50 hour a week work weeks to nothing may be a bit strange, I am sure catching up on TV shows and spending some quality time with the hubby will be enough to keep me entertained.

Fingers crossed that Peanut decides to grace us with her presence soon! Mummy and Daddy are anxiously awaiting the day we get to hold her and hear her cute little baby cries. We are ready for our lives to change forever.

40 weeks down, who knows how many days to go…

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