Baby Update: One month old! 

  Our little peanut is a month old already, and we could not feel more blessed with this healthy, beautiful little girl. 

Height & weight: 21 3/4 inches long and weighing 9 pounds 12 ounces (she grew two pounds and two inches in just two weeks!) 

Clothing: Aurora is fitting newborn clothes still, which are slowly getting tighter and tighter! 

Sleeping: Although she likes to fight naps during the daytime, she is quite a good sleeper… Sometimes giving mummy and daddy 4-5 hours of sleep between feedings!

We also enjoy taking naps during our walks with Aunt Janai and Nico (the baby she nannies). 

Food: Boy, does Aurora love milk! She eats 4 ounces every 2.5-3 hours… Sometimes we like milk snacks after about an hour because she’s just so hungry. 

Baby doesn’t latch, so mummy pumps to (attempt to)  keep up with her appetite! But we like being bottle fed, means other people can feed me as well 🙂

Noises & sounds: Aurora likes grunting and snorting mostly. She enjoys talking to herself when she’s in her bouncer. Also, the occasional sneeze, yawn and cough are fun noises too! 

Favorite things: She loves any and all cuddles. Cuddles with anyone makes this little peanut happy! 

She loves her binky… And playing the game of spit it out and make someone put it back. 

She loves sticking out her tongue and occasionally smiling when mummy and daddy attack her with kisses. 

She also loves bath time (which includes getting our eyes and ears wet with no crying!) and of course, drinking lots of milk! 

Unhappy things: She screams when we wait too long to feed her or when she’s not getting cuddles. 

She also isn’t a fan of  getting out of the bath. It’s cold when you get out, who can blame her. 

Also, not a fan of the car seat or car. Weirdo. 

Funny things: Baby has a cute little patch of hair right on her tail bone (this will be fun to bring up when she’s a teenager!) 

  We burp and fart better than most men! And we make some funny faces when doing our diaper business (as you can see lol).

Aurora also enjoys listening to music, especially daddy’s music! 

She is a champ when it comes to our dog. He gives her kisses and she accepts them with no problem. 🙂

Mummy’s favorite memory this month: One memory I will never forget was bringing her home from the hospital. All the emotions and surrealness of that moment were amazing. Plus seeing our furbaby love and kiss her and her just letting him was adorable too.

Daddy’s favorite memory this month: A week or so ago we were changing baby and daddy gave her a kiss and she gave him the worlds biggest smile back. That is one of daddy’s best memories so far. 

Our little peanut is growing faster than we ever would imagine. Our love for her is unconditional.

We can’t wait to see what the next month brings! 🙂

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