Baby Update: Week 37!

IMG_4174Figured at this point in the pregnancy I may as well update on a weekly basis since baby can come whenever she wants.

This week baby is the size of a winter melon (which I didn’t know existed). So she is measuring anywhere between 19-21 inches and is weighing somewhere between 6-6.5 pounds.

This baby girl is attempting to stretch my tummy out to its very limit. The constant discomfort has officially set it. I am ready for this tiny human to come meet mummy and daddy now.

Baby Doctor Appointments: I am officially on weekly visits to the Doctors so they can check on Peanut regularly.

This week I had to have my finger pricked, which I am sooooo glad I did not know ahead of time. I HATE my finger being pricked. Possibly my least favourite thing in the world.

However, my iron is up two points so that’s a good thing! Glad to know the supplements are doing their job.

Baby’s heart rate is still a strong 140 and she is measuring well. I have still not hit the 25 pound mark for pregnancy weight gain, so I am pretty happy with that.

To my slight disappointment surprise my cervix is still closed and I am not dilated AT ALL. I am 50% effaced, but that means very little without dilation at this point. So, all that pelvic pain and groin tingle/pain is just baby staying comfortable…not getting ready to meet us. (Must admit I am a little sad about it).

Baby Prep: I finally received my Posh Pushers labor and delivery gown in the mail! So excited to look cute and stylish to welcome our little princess into the world! Plus, who wouldn’t pick a pink and white gown to the yucky blue ones they have at hospitals. Plus, now I don’t have to walk around with my tush hanging out for everyone to see.

Hospital bag for baby and mummy are set and ready to go. I added the finishing touches yesterday, including my pink owl Boppy for baby to relax on when breastfeeding.

Symptoms: I can now understand why most women find the last few weeks of pregnancy to be the hardest. HOLY COW AM I UNCOMFORTABLE!

This baby has me peeing constantly, feeling pains through my pelvis, groin and legs, and my waddle (which I like to call pregnancy swag) is looking as fabulous as ever.

I even had one of my middle school darlings comment on my waddle the other day. He was running to lunch and came up to me saying, “Mrs. Hill! I thought you were a student for a second, then I saw your waddle and I knew nahhhh that’s just Mrs. Hill.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, plus, he is one of my favourite little 8th graders.

Birthday Predictions: Well, my prediction and my husbands prediction have passed. My mom thinks today…so we will see. At this point, I have decided to stop hoping and wishing her to come early so I can relax and NOT get my hopes up. Baby will be here when she is good and ready…

It is amazing how quickly this is all going to happen! Literally any day now she could decide it is time to come out! Although I am not looking forward to the pain of labor, I am looking forward to holding my little girl for the first time.

37 weeks down, 3 weeks more to go!

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