Baby Update: 8 months old!

IMG_0041Our sweet little pumpkin is 8 months old! I feel like just yesterday she was a tiny, wrinkly newborn. *sigh* I feel like I am being robbed of the baby stage. It is not nearly long enough.

Height and weight: Aurora is growing like a weed…at least weight wise. We have to wait till her 9 month check up for her height, but she is weighing in at around 21 pounds! (What a chunk!)

Clothing: Still rocking the 9 month sizes! She is out growing clothes faster than she can wear them! Good thing we have a baby friend to give clothes too…along with selling them to Stellie Bellies for store credit to buy more clothes!

Can we also appreciate that although Aurora is fitting 9 month clothing, she has the tiniest feet! Her feet are barely fitting in 3-6 month shoes. Not like she ever wears shoes, but still, her feet are sooooo small!

Sleeping: We have digressed to sleeping with Mummy and Daddy again. However, that will be explained when you see the milestone we hit the other week. 🙂

Food: Aurora is enjoying sharing all of Mummy and Daddy’s food. She will try anything!

She loves sitting in her high chair, eating her puffs and yogis (Happy Baby brand snacks) and drinking extremely diluted apple juice from her sippy cup!

Our little chubs also loves smoothies. Drinking from a straw is super easy for her, she is such a pro!

Milk is still her favorite and the majority of her diet. She has learned to hold her bottle by herself recently! Such a big girl!

Noises and sounds: Still very opinionated and talkative! She has begun to make the “da da” sound, which is super cute and makes Daddy’s heart melt some.

This month Aurora has also figured out how to squeal…and boy, does that girl have a set of lungs on her! 13600204_10153646268813038_567293734738658818_n

Milestones: Aurora cut her first teeth through the other day! (Hence sleeping in our bed again, poor little teething baby). We now have to watch our fingers when we feed her…that little razor tooth hurts!

Peanut is still not crawling (despite really trying to), but she did figure out she can roll to get to where she wants to go. She really enjoys rolling towards her toys and her fur brother.

Favourite things: Still loves eating, watching TMNT, and playing. She loves to play on the floor and roll towards the dog!

Also, Aurora loves swimming in the pool, bath time, and visiting the hair salon and getting selfies and love from all the stylists.

Dislikes: Pretty sure this child will NEVER be a fan of carseats. On a whole though, this girl does not have many dislikes, thankfully!

Fun things!: Aurora started daycare two weeks ago! She loves playing with the other kids! She goes to the daycare lady with no problem, thankfully!

Aurora also got to see her first dolphin the other day! While we were walking Morrison behind our apartment, on the water, there was a couple dolphins swimming near the wall. So, Morrison, Aurora and myself all went to the wall and watched the dolphins swim. Aurora was very observant of this new creature and seemed to enjoy the dolphin watching.

IMG_0026Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy’s favourite moment is probably see peanut having so much fun playing with her new friends at daycare. Also, Mummy will always remember when she figured out Aurora cut through her first tooth…feeding her some food and getting bit by that new tooth (and it definately hurt!)

Daddy loves how Aurora is starting to cuddle more! She will just lay her head on our chests and snuggle. It is so sweet and heart warming to feel so much love for and from this little girl in moments like that.

It amazes us daily how much she is turning into a little toddler. Out sweet baby is such a happy soul, and brings smiles to anyone she comes into contact with.

I am so glad I get to continue to watch her grow. Mummy and daddy grow more and more in love with her each day.

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