Baby Update: 7 months old! 

How is our little baby 7 months old! She is looking and acting less like an infant and more like a little person every day. She lights up a room with her smiles, she is such a special little peanut!
Height and weight : Not sure about height, but this chubby little cherub is weighing around 19 1/2 pounds! Glad we don’t have to worry about her eating habits, clearly she is well fed.
Clothing: The little chunky monkey is wearing 9 month clothing. We try to avoid leggings due to all those little rolls…we don’t want to cut off any circulation. 😉

Sleeping: We have had a bit of a set back with sleeping. Aurora has to fall asleep in our bed, then I am able to move her when we go to bed.
Food: WE LOVE FOOD! Anything we give her to try, she will eat. Baby food, real food, milk…she wants it all in her belly.
Noises and sounds: Aurora is still a very opinionated, chatty baby. She loves talking (very loud) to herself when she wakes up in the morning, which is adorably funny. No real words yet, but I have no doubt she will soon be talking our ears off.
Milestones: Still working hard to try and crawl. Those chubby legs just have not gotten the hang of it yet though.

Aurora is loving swimming in the pool with Mummy…the other day she even went under for the first time and had no problem! Mummy was very proud of her future little fish. 🙂

Favourite things: Aurora loves her TMNT stuffed Donnie which plays the TMNT theme song.She also loves petting doggies and getting them to lick her, loves playing on the floor with her toys, and is starting to really enjoy her Minnie Mouse interactive walker.

And, as all babies, Aurora is loving putting any and all things in her mouth, such as the monthly stickers for her photos.
Dislikes: Aurora honestly does not have many dislikes, she really loves everything and is an overall happy baby.
Fun things!: Aurora is starting daycare in the next couple weeks since Mummy is going back to work summer school! We are so excited for her to make new friends and learn new things.

Aurora has also learned the new trick of unhooking her diaper! Although funny, we can see this causing trouble in the future. 
Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy and Daddy both enjoyed seeing Aurora’s reaction to trying her first lemon…she loved it and wanted more. Getting Aurora to do her high pitched giggle is also a favourite. It is completely adorable and you can’t help but laugh and smile when you see the pure joy she is expressing.

Our sweet little baby is growing so quickly it makes me tear up a little bit. She has so much more growing to do in the next few months, but I can’t wait to see her personality bloom and continue to love her more and more each day.

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