Allow me to (re)introduce myself…

72270650_10156511297873038_8882560764099952640_oMy, oh my! It has been a LONG time since I have been active on my blog.

That being said, I think this would be a good time to catch you up on, well, me.

Hello, my name is Jordan. I just turned the big 3-0 this summer. It truly was not as bad as people would have you to believe, and honestly, I feel like my 30’s will be great!

My two little girls are growing up faster than I would like to admit. Aurora will be 4 next month, and Violet is 18 months old and really starting to come into her own.

72963449_10156542345083038_8982464203075878912_oEarlier this year I changed jobs and am now working for PwC as an Administrative Assistant. I am able to flex my time and I work from home. It is truly the happiest I have been while working since my carefree life guarding days.

This year I have been focusing on self love. After having my second daughter, I really had a hard time loving myself — physically and mentally. I had a really hard time adjusting to my new “mom bod”, as well as having a bit of an identity crisis.

69881145_10156438034033038_6613624782522941440_nI started working out (thanks to my flexible hours with my new job) and WOW has that made a difference! Along with eating healthy and trying to make sure I take time to connect with friends and be more than just a mom, I am slowly feeling a bit more like myself.

With that being said, that is why I am starting back up blogging. I miss the creative outlet and will be trying to put my life experiences back into words to share with all of you.

I hope you are ready! ūüėČ

Baby Update: She’s here! Violet’s birth story

Blonde Mum Diaries

**Let me start off by saying, I am sorry for the delay, but I am having to back date this post by 5 months because life with two little ones is HARD (but totally worth every second)!**

I am going to use this post to tell you how our day went before we welcomed our second beautiful princess into the World.

snap4:30a ET ‚ÄĒ Michael and I arrive at the hospital for my scheduled induction. *Please note this is 2 days after Violet‚Äôs due date*

We check in, and take a seat, waiting for our names to be called. Yes, I also played with Snapchat filters…no shame!

Of course, with the full moon, we ended up waiting a while due to all the active labors that came in! One woman came in, and within 30 mins she had her baby!

6:15a ET ‚ÄĒ We finally get into our delivery room‚Ķ

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Baby Update: 18 months old!

Blonde Mum Diaries

18581982_10154512455353038_8726529769653539714_nHow do I have a toddler?

Time is flying by and our sweet little Peanut is growing up so fast!

It has been a fun few months seeing her learn and change and develop quite the personality!

Since a lot has happened in the last 6 months since my last post, be prepared for lots of pictures and details.

Height and weight: At her 18 month check up, Aurora was weighing in at 26 lbs (75%) and is standing at around 2 ft 7.5 ins (just under the 50%).

Our little shorty. However where she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality.

Noises and sounds: Aurora is a VERY opinionated little girl…even if most of it is babbling. 17362709_10154331699023038_5809811381972775005_n

She is saying words like ‚Äúmummy, dada, baby and dog‚ÄĚ Just recently she has started trying to mimic the words we say. She now tries to say things like ‚Äújuice, cookie‚Ķ

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Baby’s first trip to Disney World

Blonde Mum Diaries

16641023_10154230169348038_6217937022726856395_nI have been meaning to post about this for a while now, but keep forgetting due to…well…life.

Last month a couple of girl friends and I took Aurora to Magic Kingdom for the first time. She now walks and recognizes some characters, so I thought it would be the perfect time.

Since we only live about 2 hours from Orlando, we decided to drive over the night before and stay with my mom. We took Aurora to Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) where we are dinosaur chicken nuggets at the Rain Forest Cafe and rode a beautiful horse on the carousel.

The Rain Forest Cafe was a hit. With all the mechanical animals and fake thunderstorms, it was quite fun with a 15-month-old. She was even more obsessed with the giant tanks of beautifully colored fish. What can I say, my girl LOVES the water.

16602889_10154230163293038_5077067877990174325_nAfter eating dinner we…

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Baby update: 12 months old! 

We did it! Peanut is officially a whole year old!

Part of me is excited, while the other part wants to cry, because my baby is growing up so fast!

Height and weight: Peanut weighs 22 pounds, 5 ounces which is less than we thought! She is standing (almost) at 28 1/4 inches tall.

Aurora is in the 75% for height, weight and head circumference!

Noises and¬†sounds: Aurora is getting better at actually meaning when she¬†says “dada” or “mummu” which is exciting! She also attempts to copy noises and words we make!

She also found her head voice (anyone who is musical will know what I mean) she can now hit all the high notes her little heart desires.

Milestones: We are officially pulling up on everything and walking ourselves along the coach, or whatever else we can. Aurora has fun pulling things off shelves with her new-found standing.

Aurora also has 7 teeth now. 4 on top, 3 on the bottom ūüôā

Favorite things: Aurora loves all the usual things, but recently she loves bath time (more than normal), brushing her teeth with mummy, lots and lots of cuddles, and playing with doggies and her friends.

Dislikes: Anyone telling her what to do seems to cause some drama. Also, trying to get her to sleep when she wants to be awake is struggle. Silly baby! Naps are a good thing!

Fun Things
: Since we are officially one, that means we got to do a smash cake photo shoot with Aurora. We went with Princess Aurora themed and had a blast letting her attack a cake and and cover herself in blue icing.

This weekend we are throwing her a TMNT birthday party, masks included. It is outside at a little park on the water and it is going to be lots of fun I’m sure.

For her birthday, we bought her a Rockabye rocker. It is a purple dragon named Puff. She loves it! It sings a few songs and she is getting the hang of rocking it. Her feet don’t touch so we have to help her get on Puff…but she loves it all the same!

Mummy and Daddy’s favorite moments:

Mummy’s favourite moment…well…there are just too many to count. I loved watching her unwrap her dragon rocker, crawl to me in the middle of the night for cuddles, watching her reaction after trying icing for the first time, and I cried a little seeing her all dressed up and looking beautiful for her photos.

Daddy’s favourite moment was when Aurora unwrapped Puff (the purple dragon rocker) and rode it for the first time. The look on her face was priceless. You could see the genuine happiness on her face. Daddy also loves that spending Fridays at home with the peanut, and all the cuddles she gives him throughout the day.

I just can’t believe how quickly that last year has gone. Our sweet baby went from this fragile little newborn to a beautiful, loving, cheeky little toddler in the blink of an eye.

We can’t wait to see what new¬†adventures our life with Aurora holds. To many more firsts, tons more laughs, some tears and a million more cuddles…

Happy 1st Birthday, Aurora. ‚̧

DIY Cake Smash Photos

Blonde Mum Diaries

14956373_10153974174718038_1096094237862848731_nToday is my daughter’s 1st birthday (excuse me while I cry)…which means, time to let her dig her way through her own tiny birthday cake!

I loved the idea of doing a smash cake photo shoot for her to get some really beautiful photos…but did not want to pay the price of a professional.

Luckily, I treated myself to a professional for my birthday so I could take some beautiful photos myself. However, I still did my research on how to set up some nice smash cake photos…and got LOTS of inspiration from Pinterest.

If you do plan on doing a smash cake shoot on your own…I would highly suggest having reinforcements. My mom and husband were there to help…especially when the baby tried to escape, frosting covered and all.

(Let your helper(s) know that they could get messy…my mom was COVERED in icing by the end)

  1. Picking a theme

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Baby Update: 11 months!

img_0216How is it my tiny human will be a year old in just one short month?! Please excuse me while I cry to myself for a moment…

Height and weight: Not sure about height as we wont get that measurement till her 12 month check up. However, the little chunk is weighing in at around 23 pounds!

Clothing: I am working on transitioning Aurora to move normal outfits, not just onesies. She is still a bit tiny for 12 month clothing…but quickly filling in those gaps.

We are also starting to work on shoe wearing…little miss does NOT like things on her feet.

Food: This little lady eats ALL THE FOOD! Kale? Strawberries? Cookies? Anything you eat she will want to eat too! So looking forward to her smash cake photos for her 1st birthday! They will be epic!
Noises and sounds:
Aurora is still very opinionated and enjoys hearing herself talk. No real words…but will try to copy sound you say or sing. It is pretty adorable!

Aurora is beginning to pull herself up to her knees, then feet on things! Walking will happen soon I am sure! Her crawl is like a bear-type crawl…butt in the air and crawling on her feet instead of her knees.

Aurora also has one top tooth…with three more top teeth following! So much fun…bring on all the teeth!

¬†things: Aurora loves her new piano toy…this little girl loves music! Aurora also loves doggies, her own and any others we see out and about! Aurora also loves playing with her friends and making new friends.

¬†Leave it to my child to hate pumpkins and hay. And when I say hate…I should say loathe. Aurora had a complete melt down when I sat her in hay and was not happy sitting too close to any pumpkin.I suppose when something is as round and as big as you it can be kind of scary..?14681946_10153911907918038_8703866855890832268_o

Fun Things
: Aurora is now officially eating her own kids meals at restaurants. After eating a good portion of mummy and daddy’s food, we decided it was time. This little piggy can put down 4 chicken nuggets and a fruit cup…and STILL WANT MILK! Glad I don’t have to worry about her being too picky. ūüėČ

Mummy and Daddy’s favorite moments: Mummy and Daddy have too many favourite moments this month to pick. We love seeing Aurora develop into a toddler, seeing her try new foods, and especially enjoy the moments she has where all she wants is to sit with us and cuddle.

Our little peanut is growing up so fast! I can’t believe in just one short month we will have a 1-year-old! Until then, we are just enjoying every day with Aurora’s bright, slightly cheeky, loving personality. ‚̧

A letter to pumping moms

Blonde Mum Diaries

To all my moms who exclusively pump for their little ones,

I know, at first, you feel like a failure. You worry you will be missing that bond with your baby that other nursing mothers have. You blame yourself. I know I did.

I cried, not sure why my little one could not latch. Not sure what to do about feeding my sweet little baby. She depended on me for food, but trying to breastfeed left both of us feeling frustrated…and one of us hungry.

You worry if you are strong and patient enough to continue pumping. Formula would be easier and quicker.  Pumping is time-consuming and frustrating. It hurts, it’s boring, your milk supply is not consistent. It is so extremely hard.

Sitting in a chair, machine on and attached, pumping for 30 minutes‚Ķ.every 3 hours. ‚ÄúPower pumping‚ÄĚ for a couple of hours¬†in 15 minute increments in attempts to trick‚Ķ

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Baby Update: 10 months old!

img_0099We have had quite an exciting month watching Aurora grow and learn! Time is speeding by and she is turning into such a sweet (sometimes sassy) little person.

Height and weight: Not sure about height as we wont get that measurement till her 12 month check up. However, the little chunk is weighing in at around 22 pounds!

Clothing: Aurora is quickly outgrowing 9 month clothing…9-12 months and some 12 month clothing fits. We fit 12 month shorts in the thigh area…the rest is a bit big. Shirts fit in the width, not the length.

Gotta love our chubby little cherub ‚̧

Sleeping: Aurora likes to fight bedtime, but thanks to Daddy, he found the secret to getting the peanut to sleep…music! He puts on some tunes (of all genres) and off she goes to sleep.

Food: What does this girl NOT eat? She literally loves EVERYTHING! We still have milk every 3-4 hours.

Aurora loves puffs, yogis, and anything mummy and daddy will let her try! She even is getting to eat with the older kids at daycare now for meals and snacks.

A new favourite (introduced by her Gami) is pineapple! Little girl loves her some pineapple!

Noises and sounds: Aurora now says, “mumumu” which obviously is her way of telling me how much she loves me. She also loves to babble and make noises all the time.

Milestones: WE HAVE A CRAWLER! Yes, that is right, as of last week, we have ourselves a little crawler. Let me tell you, that girl is FAST too!

The first thing Aurora crawled to? The dog’s stinky, slobbery toy rope. No need to crawl to your own toys…go get the smelly one the dog chews on. Gross. Oh well, it at least got her crawling!

Now, let all the mischief begin.

Favourite things: Aurora has recently figured out she likes to play “peek-a-boo” with Daddy. Aurora LOVES watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, TMNT, and Peppa Pig.

Aurora loves playing with her friends at daycare…even more now that she can follow them around!

Aurora likes to crawl and touch all the things…even when she is not suppose to. She also loves crawling on/petting Morrison, tickles, cuddles, and bath time.

Featured Image -- 2305Dislikes: Naps (crazy kid..), putting on clothes, not getting attention, and people not sharing their food.

Fun Things
: We had a mini photo shoot with Aurora in some of her cute Disney Baby outfits…she makes a pretty adorable little Snow White.

(You can check out more photos at this link: Disney Baby for life)

Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy LOVED seeing Aurora crawl for the first time, and seeing how much happier she is now that she can get herself around. Daddy also enjoyed seeing Aurora crawl…and he loves Fridays when Aurora stays home from daycare and stays with him!

Our little beauty is getting so big and learning new things daily! Can’t wait to see what the next month holds in store. ūüôā

Disney baby for life

Blonde Mum Diaries

This weekend, I decided to have a little mini shoot with Aurora in various outfits I bought from the Disney Baby collection. Needless to say, they are adorable and need to be shared with the World!

Obviously, the first outfit was none other than Minnie Mouse herself. My chunky monkey looks super cute in the little pink polka dot outfit, with matching ears and bow headband.

Since we live in Florida and it’s always a bazillion degrees out, we tried to keep Aurora out of the sunlight as much as possible. Not trying to match the Minnie outfit.

Aurora really enjoyed playing with the pretty pink tutu on this outfit…and I just LOVE her in those ears!!

Next up we had Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

As we all know, Belle loves to read. So using books in this shot was important! (Were the books from the Twilight…

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