Baby Update: 11 months!

img_0216How is it my tiny human will be a year old in just one short month?! Please excuse me while I cry to myself for a moment…

Height and weight: Not sure about height as we wont get that measurement till her 12 month check up. However, the little chunk is weighing in at around 23 pounds!

Clothing: I am working on transitioning Aurora to move normal outfits, not just onesies. She is still a bit tiny for 12 month clothing…but quickly filling in those gaps.

We are also starting to work on shoe wearing…little miss does NOT like things on her feet.

Food: This little lady eats ALL THE FOOD! Kale? Strawberries? Cookies? Anything you eat she will want to eat too! So looking forward to her smash cake photos for her 1st birthday! They will be epic!
Noises and sounds:
Aurora is still very opinionated and enjoys hearing herself talk. No real words…but will try to copy sound you say or sing. It is pretty adorable!

Aurora is beginning to pull herself up to her knees, then feet on things! Walking will happen soon I am sure! Her crawl is like a bear-type crawl…butt in the air and crawling on her feet instead of her knees.

Aurora also has one top tooth…with three more top teeth following! So much fun…bring on all the teeth!

 things: Aurora loves her new piano toy…this little girl loves music! Aurora also loves doggies, her own and any others we see out and about! Aurora also loves playing with her friends and making new friends.

 Leave it to my child to hate pumpkins and hay. And when I say hate…I should say loathe. Aurora had a complete melt down when I sat her in hay and was not happy sitting too close to any pumpkin.I suppose when something is as round and as big as you it can be kind of scary..?14681946_10153911907918038_8703866855890832268_o

Fun Things
: Aurora is now officially eating her own kids meals at restaurants. After eating a good portion of mummy and daddy’s food, we decided it was time. This little piggy can put down 4 chicken nuggets and a fruit cup…and STILL WANT MILK! Glad I don’t have to worry about her being too picky. 😉

Mummy and Daddy’s favorite moments: Mummy and Daddy have too many favourite moments this month to pick. We love seeing Aurora develop into a toddler, seeing her try new foods, and especially enjoy the moments she has where all she wants is to sit with us and cuddle.

Our little peanut is growing up so fast! I can’t believe in just one short month we will have a 1-year-old! Until then, we are just enjoying every day with Aurora’s bright, slightly cheeky, loving personality. ❤

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