Baby Update: She’s here! Violet’s birth story

Blonde Mum Diaries

**Let me start off by saying, I am sorry for the delay, but I am having to back date this post by 5 months because life with two little ones is HARD (but totally worth every second)!**

I am going to use this post to tell you how our day went before we welcomed our second beautiful princess into the World.

snap4:30a ET — Michael and I arrive at the hospital for my scheduled induction. *Please note this is 2 days after Violet’s due date*

We check in, and take a seat, waiting for our names to be called. Yes, I also played with Snapchat filters…no shame!

Of course, with the full moon, we ended up waiting a while due to all the active labors that came in! One woman came in, and within 30 mins she had her baby!

6:15a ET — We finally get into our delivery room…

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