Baby Update: 6 months old! 

Happy 1/2 a year to our little peanut! The last month has been full of fun with Aurora learning new things and growing so fast! 
Height and weight: Aurora is 25 3/4 inches tall! Which is an inch taller than the last time we got her measures! Most impressive is her little chunky self, weighing in at 18 pounds 5 ounces… Putting her in the 90%! Clearly, she is well fed 😉

Clothing: Aurora is fitting 6-9 month onesies. We have to be careful with leggings and rompers, those thick thighs and leg rolls need room to breathe. 

Sleeping: Baby is still sleeping 12-13 hours a night! Most of the time she sleeps in her crib, apart from the occasional rough night where she ends up with mummy and daddy. 

Food: We love baby food, apart from anything with tart fruits.

We also have tried (and loved) banana, avocado, grits, mashed potato, and peanut butter! 

This little butter ball loves food in general! 

Noises and sounds: No words yet, still just lots of cooing and laughing. 

Milestones: We officially sit all by ourselves! Sometimes a bit wobbly, but overall a good sitter. 

Aurora is still working in the crawling thing, but she can inch worm herself forward some using her face (hilarious). 

Favourite things: Aurora loves sitting up and playing with her toy keys or binky. 

We love when people sing us “Happy and you know it”, it’s the only thing that will magically stop baby from crying. 

Baby loves chewing on people’s (and her own) fingers, as well as noses and chins. 

Aurora makes funny faces, especially when concentrating really hard or investigating new things. 

We still love water, playing with daddy, getting doggy kisses from Morrison, and drinking lots of boob milk. 

Dislikes: Apples, not getting attention, and nap time. 

Fun things!: Aurora had her first airplane experience to go see her Uncle Stuart and cousins! She was a champ! 

Mummy and Daddy’s favourite moments: Mummy’s favourite moment was watching baby try grits from the Seahorse for the first time! That was mummy’s first food so seeing that peanut enjoy that food so much made mummy so incredibly happy! 

Daddy’s favourite thing is how happy she is always is to see him. She sure does love her daddy. ❤️

Our baby is growing up so fast, she is such a beautiful and happy little baby. We are so lucky! 


Baby Update: 5 months old!

Our sweet little peanut is 5 months old! This month she has truly let her personally shine through all her chubby cuteness!

Height & weight: This chubby cherub is weighing somewhere around the 16 pound mark! 

Clothing: Our little chubster is fitting 6 month clothing comfortably. However, due to baby’s thick thighs, mummy and daddy have to keep an eye on leggings being too tight. 😂

Sleeping: Aurora is still sleeping in her crib like a champ! Bedtime is around 8:30 pm and we are sleeping until almost 8 am most mornings.

Not a big napper, but sometimes Peanut enjoys a couple hour nap in the afternoons.

 Food: We introduced the little chub to rice cereal and baby food this month! Rice cereal is tasty and she likes it in her bottle of breast milk.

We LOVE baby food! Carrots, sweet potatoes and peas are our favourites! We are okay with bananas and apples…however, pears are a little tart. Aurora does not like prunes at ALL! (Can’t say I blame her…)

Although we are feeding her more and giving her more than just breast milk, this little peanut still eats every 3 hours. So much for rice cereal and baby food keeping her fuller longer.

Noises & sounds: Aurora’s new thing is making coughing noises. She has learned if she coughs or yells she can get mummy and daddy’s attention. Someone is beginning to show her little personality, it is quite funny.
Milestones: Our big milestone we hit this month was eating baby food! It has been so fun seeing her enjoy something new. Also, watching her faces when she tries new foods is extremely entertaining.

Favorite things: Aurora still loves her usual things. We are beginning to enjoy playing with rattles and our elephant teether toy.

We love playing and chewing on our hands… Or on other people’s fingers (I believe we have begun the teething stage of infancy).

We LOVE baby food and rice cereal in our milk. We also love to stare as mummy and daddy eat and make chewing movements with our tongue and mouth.

Another fun thing Aurora likes is to yell and cause a fuss so that Morrison (her fur brother pup) begins to howl. They take turns making noise and could keep it up for hours if we let them. They are the silliest of friends.

Least favorite things: Aurora does NOT like prunes. Also, we don’t like when mummy and daddy don’t give us the attention we think we deserve.

Other new things: Peanut attended her first baseball game this month! We went and cheered on one of mummy’s past students.

Mummy & Daddy’s favourite moment: Mummy’s favourite moment was probably watch the reactions when feeding Aurora new food. She is just the happiest of babies and she loves her food. That’s my girl 😉

Daddy’s favourite moment is how much he loves Aurora trying to communicate with us now. All her fake coughs and yelling to get our attention show how fast she is growing up. 

Baby Update: 4 months old!

  Our little Aurora is 1/3 of her way through her first year of life! 

This month we have been working through some baby milestones and we are loving every moment of it. 

Height & weight: Peanut is 24 3/4 inches long and 14lbs 15 ozs! Big girl 😉

Clothing: We are still fitting some 3 month clothing, but 3-6 months seems to be more comfy, especially in onesies. 

We also find that our 6 month swim suits fit better (with all that extra swim diaper nonsense) than our smaller suits. 

Sleeping: Peanut sleeps 10-12 hours at night! Although, with daylight savings time it has messed up our bedtime routine a bit, but we will get back to the norm soon. 

We also just transitioned Aurora to her crib for bedtime and she is a champ! I think mummy and daddy have a harder time sleep without her than she does. 

Food: Aurora eats 5-6 ounces every 2-2.5 hours. 

Mummy and daddy are looking forward to being able to start feeding the peanut some solids soon! (Mainly because mummy is getting tired of living the cow life)

Noises & sounds: Aurora is quite the little talker. We love to coo and have conversations with people who talk to us. She seems to be very opinionated already 😉 

On February 18th she did her first REAL laugh! We are still practicing on doing it more often, but it does happen! 

Milestones: Aurora had quite a month of learning new things. She finally hit a pretty big baby milestone…She learned to roll from her tummy to her back! So, she enjoys doing that regularly! 

Favorite things: Aurora enjoys singing “Happy and you know it” with Mummy & Daddy. We make up lots of funny verses to go with the song that gets lots of baby smiles. 

  We love swimming in the pool (even though you can’t tell in this photo)! We even had a lesson with our boyfriend, Nico, who is 8 months old! 

Baby also loves listening and staring at Mummy while she sways and sings Disney songs to get her to rest and sleep. 

Also, we purchased a baby swing and it is glorious! She loves that she can swing in it and watch the light and mobile go around. 

Least favorite things: Still not a fan of when we finish all the milk in the bottle. That’s when angry baby comes out! 

Currently, we also don’t like when we are left in our bouncer or swing… Aurora is really into being held at the moment. It’s a bit exhausting, but she’s worth the extra cuddles! 

Mummy & Daddy’s favourite moment: We both agreed that hearing her laugh was our favourite moment! She laughed while Michael tried to get a hair out of her neck rolls, clearly she has a ticklish neck.  

  Mummy also loved seeing baby roll over for the first time! I got so excited to see her hit that milestone I teared up a bit.

Our little peanut is growing so fast, every day she is soaking in more knowledge and learning new things. I can’t wait to see what this next month holds. ❤️

Baby Update: 3 months old! 

 Along with it being Valentine’s Day (my least favourite holiday…ever) it is also the little peanut’s 3 months!

Crazy to think how fast time of going… Wasn’t she just in my belly all wiggly and squished?

Height & weight: We don’t go back to the doctors until 4 months, but by weighing her on my own, she seems to be around 13 lbs 6 ounces!

Clothing: Aurora is fitting 3 month clothing. Our favourite things to wear are our footie pajamas, long sleeve onesies and leggings (since Florida has had some cooler weather lately!).

We still don’t like socks and will do anything we can to kick them off.

Sleeping: Well, we are working on getting a proper sleeping routine down. Aurora sleeps from about 9pm till nearly 7am every day!

Still not the best napper, unless at Gami’s house… But we’re still working on it.

Food: Peanut has certainly not lost any of her appetite. We are eating 5ounces of milk every 2-3 hours.

She has recently started working on the chewing motion with her tongue and mouth. She is preparing to start eating mummy and daddy’s food in the future 😉

Noises & sounds: Someone has become extremely vocal this month. She loves listening to herself talk and yell to get people’s attention.

We are still working on the laughing, we get a little chuckle but no real laughing… yet.

Favourite things: We love to talk, sleep in with mummy and daddy, and snuggle close to anyone who will hold her.

We also enjoy sitting like a big person and having help standing up. Being a super baby and flying into kisses is also fun. 🙂

Unhappy things: Aurora turns into a baby Hulk when the milk ends in the bottle, which is slightly hilarious. We also  don’t enjoy the evil car seat.

 Funnies: This month we have started to get a sense of someone’s littler personality!

Aurora also got to meet her “boyfriend”, Nico, in person! She was not sure what to do.. Another baby? She loved it… And so did he.

Mummy & Daddy’s favourite memory: This month we both have the same favourite. We both are so in love with how much Aurora has begun “talking” to us. We could both just sit and chat with her back and forth all day.

I can’t believe how fast time is going! Our little Valentines Day baby makes us happier than ever imagined! ❤️

Baby Update: One month old! 

  Our little peanut is a month old already, and we could not feel more blessed with this healthy, beautiful little girl. 

Height & weight: 21 3/4 inches long and weighing 9 pounds 12 ounces (she grew two pounds and two inches in just two weeks!) 

Clothing: Aurora is fitting newborn clothes still, which are slowly getting tighter and tighter! 

Sleeping: Although she likes to fight naps during the daytime, she is quite a good sleeper… Sometimes giving mummy and daddy 4-5 hours of sleep between feedings!

We also enjoy taking naps during our walks with Aunt Janai and Nico (the baby she nannies). 

Food: Boy, does Aurora love milk! She eats 4 ounces every 2.5-3 hours… Sometimes we like milk snacks after about an hour because she’s just so hungry. 

Baby doesn’t latch, so mummy pumps to (attempt to)  keep up with her appetite! But we like being bottle fed, means other people can feed me as well 🙂

Noises & sounds: Aurora likes grunting and snorting mostly. She enjoys talking to herself when she’s in her bouncer. Also, the occasional sneeze, yawn and cough are fun noises too! 

Favorite things: She loves any and all cuddles. Cuddles with anyone makes this little peanut happy! 

She loves her binky… And playing the game of spit it out and make someone put it back. 

She loves sticking out her tongue and occasionally smiling when mummy and daddy attack her with kisses. 

She also loves bath time (which includes getting our eyes and ears wet with no crying!) and of course, drinking lots of milk! 

Unhappy things: She screams when we wait too long to feed her or when she’s not getting cuddles. 

She also isn’t a fan of  getting out of the bath. It’s cold when you get out, who can blame her. 

Also, not a fan of the car seat or car. Weirdo. 

Funny things: Baby has a cute little patch of hair right on her tail bone (this will be fun to bring up when she’s a teenager!) 

  We burp and fart better than most men! And we make some funny faces when doing our diaper business (as you can see lol).

Aurora also enjoys listening to music, especially daddy’s music! 

She is a champ when it comes to our dog. He gives her kisses and she accepts them with no problem. 🙂

Mummy’s favorite memory this month: One memory I will never forget was bringing her home from the hospital. All the emotions and surrealness of that moment were amazing. Plus seeing our furbaby love and kiss her and her just letting him was adorable too.

Daddy’s favorite memory this month: A week or so ago we were changing baby and daddy gave her a kiss and she gave him the worlds biggest smile back. That is one of daddy’s best memories so far. 

Our little peanut is growing faster than we ever would imagine. Our love for her is unconditional.

We can’t wait to see what the next month brings! 🙂

Baby Update: 32 weeks!

I am officially 8 months pregnant now…t-8 weeks till we meet our little peanut!

This week, Peanut is the size of a head of lettuce. So she should be anywhere from 18-19 inches long and nearly 4 pounds!

Baby Hill should be around the length she will be when she meets the world, however, she has bake a bit longer to add some chub to her cute little self. 🙂

Baby Prep: The last couple weeks I have been attempting to truly prep myself and my husband for Peanut’s arrival. Just today we toured the hospital where she will (hopefully) be born. The hospital is beautiful and I feel a bit more confident in the labor process.

Apart from slowing getting the nursery put together (thankfully, we are almost done!) I put the baby’s car seat in the back of the car already.

You may think this seems a bit early…but we want our puppy, Morrison, to get use to tiny human things being in his normal areas. In this case, it’s the back seat where he sits during car rides. Other than sniffing the new object, he did great and shared like a champ!

Other Baby Things: I am now going to see the OBGYN every two weeks versus every month. Must mean its crunch time. I am also rotating doctors so I am able to meet all possibilities who could be delivering my baby.

Baby is quickly running out of room in the womb and let me tell you CAN I FEEL IT! I am now able to feel my skin stretching daily and I won’t say it is a good feeling. However, I can’t say much because I would not be happy if I was in a tiny, cramped space either…so she is worth the discomfort.

Also, let me just sum up my sleeping these days: LABOR NIGHTMARES! Holy worst thing ever.

I have also noticed that my emotions are insane right now. I have very little patience (probably not good for being a middle school teacher) and I also cry much easier than normal. As my husband would say, I am a bit sensitive at the moment. That being said, my husband deserves a shout out for being great and dealing with my hot-mess, super pregnant self. 😉

Baby’s Birthday: So, although baby is due November 8th, I can’t help but have this feeling she will be like her daddy and have an October birthday.

My mom’s guess is she will be here October 18th. I am still debating on the date I want to guess for her arrival.

I find that it still has not fully sunk in that in a couple of months I will have a tiny human needing my undivided attention and stealing all the pieces of my heart. It amazes me that something so beautiful can be created in only 40 weeks and inside my belly.

I am getting more and more excited to meet my little princess. I only wish she knew how much I love her already ❤

32 weeks down, 8 weeks to go!

Baby Update: WEEK 30!

 Excuse me while I have a moment…

We have made it to 30 weeks…and I am feeling ALL the emotions. I can’t believe how soon I will be holding my darling little peanut.

This week, Peanut is measuring to be the size of a butternut squash. She is around 16 inches long and weighs around 3 pounds.

She is getting bigger by the day, and trust me…oh do I feel it.

The Pregnancy: As you can see, there is no more mistaking my bump for weight gain. I also am finding it harder and harder to wear my old clothes. Glad I am only just having this issue.

Baby is constantly moving around and making her mummy uncomfortable by pushing against my ribs with her teeny feet. She also gets VERY excited when daddy touches my belly and starts moving around to show him how much she loves him already. (What a daddy’s girl!)

I have a doctor’s appointment this Friday, and then I start having to go in every two weeks. I also will start rotating doctors so I meet the whole crew prior to giving birth. Makes me nervous but excited all at once.

10686612_10153014450538038_7651750796255870187_nBaby Facts: We had our 3D/4D ultrasound this week. IT WAS AMAZING! Worth every penny. We confirmed baby is in no doubt A GIRL! (Good thing too…I didn’t want to return all the pink). We also got to see her adorable little face, which made me tear up a little bit. It amazes me how the body turns something so tiny into a little human in just 40 weeks.

Anyways, baby has some chubby cheeks already, as you can see. She also is already facing the correct way for her arrival into the world. The funniest moment is seeing how tight she is getting in there, our little goof was getting a bit too close to my belly and ended up squashing her nose a couple of times. (lol)11934971_10153014450323038_3708321272206091481_n

Also this week:I got my cute Cath Kidston London diaper bag in the mail yesterday. It has cute little London busses all over it. Totally worth the wait. OBSESSED!

Tomorrow will be my second week of having students. I am hoping to not feel as tired as last week, but we will see. Trying to take it as easy as I can so peanut doesn’t feel stressed. I do have better classes this year, which makes my work days MUCH happier.

The kids are all excited about Baby Hill and they love my growing belly. However, I do have a “no touchy” rule. Can’t have all these middle schoolers all up in my space and touching my belly. Could be weird. So, they look from afar.

Next update will be at 32 weeks!

30 weeks down, 10 weeks to go!

Baby Update: 18 weeks!

 Holy cow! Where is time going?

Peanut is now the size of a tasty little sweet potato (as you can see, Morrison thinks sweet potatoes taste yummy too!) Meaning, we are measuring at about 5.5 inches and weighing around 5 ounces! Growing fast!

Still have not gained much baby weight, however you are able to slightly see a bump if I wear something tight-fitting clothing…how exciting!

I also find it to be a success that I can still fit my clothes…without alterations or adjustments. Those skinny jeans still button, works for me!

Gender Update: Still have to wait 5 more weeks to find out if baby is a boy or a girl. July 10th is the set date! Daddy thinks it’s a girl. I am just dying to know…do I start buying cute superhero things…or cute pink princess things? 🙂

Cravings: Still have not been hit heavy with the cravings. Baby (and myself) just really like food in all shapes and tastes.

I do, however, enjoy adding some spice to my life with some Green Pepper Tabasco Sauce. That is a new thing that seems to take my fancy.

Aversions: Like I said, baby just likes food…so other than what I have mentioned in past posts…nothing new has turned my stomach into a ball of unhappiness.

Fun Things: Well, my mom and I went to Target and found a nice deal on some diapers! We have officially started the diaper stock in the Hill household!

However, sleep the past few nights has not been my friend. My back has been bothering me throughout the day, especially when it comes to getting comfy in bed. Even though the back ache/not sleeping thing sucks, it is quite exciting because that means that baby is growing and shifting my center of gravity (hence the back pain). I am sure I’ll adjust to it soon enough.

I had another baby doctor appointment this past week as well. Baby’s heartbeat is always a blessing to hear. A heart rate at a steady and consistent 141 was what we heard. It was beautiful. I also had blood drawn to see if there are an abnormalities baby might have developed. Not too worried about this one…we will love our little peanut no matter what.

The most exciting baby news I have is….. I CAN FEEL FLUTTERS! I can only feel them at night when I am completely in tune to my body and relaxed, but I have felt it twice now! Feels like little twitches inside my tummy. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Next update at the halfway mark!

18 weeks down, 22 weeks to go!

Baby Update: 16 Weeks

 Well, hello! Baby Hill is now 16 weeks! Can’t believe it has already been 4 months! How crazy!

Peanut is far from peanut sized… With this weeks fruit comparison being an avocado (4.5-5 inches).

Also, according to my pregnancy tracking apps, at the stage in the game baby can hear my voice now! Better start making sure I sing in tune when jamming in the car 🙂

Gender Update: I still have 4 more long weeks to wait until we know if Baby Hill is a gal or a gent. I will continue to anxiously await that news!

Cravings: The only thing I have even remotely craved in my daily diet is milk. Which is strange because I am not usually that much of a milk drinker. However, if baby wants milk… Mummy drinks it.

Other than that baby just likes food, which is okay with me…since I like food too!

Food Aversions: Apart from lettuce, soda, and any form of vitamin, no foods really make me queasy.

However, I did have my first ‘queasy from smell’ moment last week. Ranch flavored chips (or crisps for you Brits). Now that smell made me queasy enough to kick a kid into the hallway to finish their snack. Bleh!

Fun Things: 

1. As you can see in my photo, I have not gained any baby weight. Only gained about 3lbs total… And that was fully clothed.

My husband can feel a bit more of a baby bump though, which is exciting for us both. Makes it feel a bit more real!

2. I also went to Epcot on a field trip (hence the ears in the photo). Technically, Peanut traveled the world for the first time and had lots of yummy food and, as shown in the photo, had its first trip to “England”!

Perhaps baby will like daddy’s voice enough it’ll try to have a cute, English accent too!

3. I will update again in 2 weeks!

Not much is changing every week so every two weeks leaves more to write about. 🙂

16 weeks down, 24 more to go! 

How I told my students I was expecting

The Unteacherly Teacher

If you are a younger teacher, you are constantly hearing things like, “When are you having kids?”, “Do you want kids?”, and many other baby related questions.

Finally, all my kids’ wishes came true and the hubby and I are expecting! (YAY!)

However, I waiting till the first trimester was over and came up with a cute little plan to tell my students I was having a baby.

I decided to tell my 5th period, journalism class first, because I was able to make it into a news writing assignment as well as I then was able to tell some of my babies I have had for 2 years in a row. 🙂

Here is the link I created for the Powerpoint I used as the journalism assignment. BabyNewsstoryPPT

It went over adorably! And the key part of the assignment was no talking the entire time till the questioning part…

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