Baby Update: 5 months old!

Our sweet little peanut is 5 months old! This month she has truly let her personally shine through all her chubby cuteness!

Height & weight: This chubby cherub is weighing somewhere around the 16 pound mark! 

Clothing: Our little chubster is fitting 6 month clothing comfortably. However, due to baby’s thick thighs, mummy and daddy have to keep an eye on leggings being too tight. 😂

Sleeping: Aurora is still sleeping in her crib like a champ! Bedtime is around 8:30 pm and we are sleeping until almost 8 am most mornings.

Not a big napper, but sometimes Peanut enjoys a couple hour nap in the afternoons.

 Food: We introduced the little chub to rice cereal and baby food this month! Rice cereal is tasty and she likes it in her bottle of breast milk.

We LOVE baby food! Carrots, sweet potatoes and peas are our favourites! We are okay with bananas and apples…however, pears are a little tart. Aurora does not like prunes at ALL! (Can’t say I blame her…)

Although we are feeding her more and giving her more than just breast milk, this little peanut still eats every 3 hours. So much for rice cereal and baby food keeping her fuller longer.

Noises & sounds: Aurora’s new thing is making coughing noises. She has learned if she coughs or yells she can get mummy and daddy’s attention. Someone is beginning to show her little personality, it is quite funny.
Milestones: Our big milestone we hit this month was eating baby food! It has been so fun seeing her enjoy something new. Also, watching her faces when she tries new foods is extremely entertaining.

Favorite things: Aurora still loves her usual things. We are beginning to enjoy playing with rattles and our elephant teether toy.

We love playing and chewing on our hands… Or on other people’s fingers (I believe we have begun the teething stage of infancy).

We LOVE baby food and rice cereal in our milk. We also love to stare as mummy and daddy eat and make chewing movements with our tongue and mouth.

Another fun thing Aurora likes is to yell and cause a fuss so that Morrison (her fur brother pup) begins to howl. They take turns making noise and could keep it up for hours if we let them. They are the silliest of friends.

Least favorite things: Aurora does NOT like prunes. Also, we don’t like when mummy and daddy don’t give us the attention we think we deserve.

Other new things: Peanut attended her first baseball game this month! We went and cheered on one of mummy’s past students.

Mummy & Daddy’s favourite moment: Mummy’s favourite moment was probably watch the reactions when feeding Aurora new food. She is just the happiest of babies and she loves her food. That’s my girl 😉

Daddy’s favourite moment is how much he loves Aurora trying to communicate with us now. All her fake coughs and yelling to get our attention show how fast she is growing up. 

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