Baby Hill Update: 13 Weeks

 So, as of today I am 13 weeks into my first pregnancy, which has been a learning process and continues to throw surprises at me.

This week, my darling little one is the size of a PEACH, almost 3 inches! Baby is growing fast week to week…kind of makes me stand in awe thinking how amazing the whole thing actually is.

I’m growing a tiny person inside of me! Does anyone else think that is amazing/weird all at the same time? (Still working on the surreal-ness of it all.)

Gender Prediction: Although many of my symptoms lead to old wives tales saying Peanut will be a girl…I have this feeling it is a little boy. However, only time will tell, and either way we will be excited!

What’s new this week?: Apart from little body changes here and there, I have gained zero baby weight…yet. I am sure that will all change as my nausea has subsiding (YAY!) and now I am actually realizing how hungry I am. 🙂

My inner fat kid, which technically I can say and it is true, is very happy with me eating more and not feeling sick.

Food Likes: Well, Peanut is really liking hamburgers, especially from Wendys! Anyone who knows me will find this strange because I was a vegetarian. However, with a little person inside me, I figured meat is something baby needs, and it seems to be happy for that diet change.

Also, baby likes Greek yogurt that has tasty flavorings, which mummy also enjoys.

I even had my first steak in 3 or so years tonight! It was delicious and seems to get a thumbs up from the inside.

Food NOPES: With the nausea slowly becoming less, I have realized a few foods that make mummy and baby unhappy. Firstly, iceburg lettuce. Again, ironic since I was a vegetarian…however, spinach and kale are perfectly fine.

I also find myself getting queasy with soda and things that are SICKLY sweet. Neither of these are a bad thing, so I am okay with it.

Fun Facts: This week I told my students I was pregnant, they all died with excitement and are now asking me daily when I will find out the gender.

Also, I am currently working two jobs and still have not been hit too hard with fatigue (let’s hope this stays.)

AWHHHH! And I had a cute 7th grader who I love give me cute little baby onesies the other day at school. Highlight of my week. They can be so thoughtful sometimes. 🙂

13 weeks down, 27 to go!

Shout outs to my students last year who follow my blog and asked me to keep it updated on baby news: Ketrin, Ashley, Jessica and Faith ❤

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