How I told my students I was expecting

The Unteacherly Teacher

If you are a younger teacher, you are constantly hearing things like, “When are you having kids?”, “Do you want kids?”, and many other baby related questions.

Finally, all my kids’ wishes came true and the hubby and I are expecting! (YAY!)

However, I waiting till the first trimester was over and came up with a cute little plan to tell my students I was having a baby.

I decided to tell my 5th period, journalism class first, because I was able to make it into a news writing assignment as well as I then was able to tell some of my babies I have had for 2 years in a row. 🙂

Here is the link I created for the Powerpoint I used as the journalism assignment. BabyNewsstoryPPT

It went over adorably! And the key part of the assignment was no talking the entire time till the questioning part…

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