Baby Update: 14 Weeks!

This week marks the 14 weeks of my first pregnancy.

Baby Hill is the size of a LEMON and growing faster than I can even imagine.

This Week: Well, this has been a rough week in my book. Nausea may be gone but Baby H is sucking all the health out of my system, causing me to catch any cold or germ than comes my way. Isn’t that lucky?

This week I had to leave work early to go to a walk-in clinic for breathing troubles. Come to find out it was the beginnings of bronchitis…always fun. A full week of antibiotics and many inhaler puffs later, I am finally breathing with ease and feeling myself again.

Hoping I can amp up my immune system again so I can avoid getting sick. We will see…perhaps I just need to have a talking with Peanut and it will let up on sucking out mommy’s goodness and health.

I was told by my doctor that pregnancy can amp up your sinus trouble as well as killing your immune system…I can feel this all through my head and my face. Is this normal? It sucks.

Next week I have a blood test to see how my cholesterol is…should be interesting with the amount of meat I have added to my diet since becoming pregnant.

I will also be booking my appointment to find out if Baby Hill is a boy or a girl! (AHHH I AM SO EXCITED!)

New Aversions: Well, brushing my teeth makes me gag…and sometimes makes me sick. That is weird and unusual (haha). Sadly, mac&cheese also does not sit well…which is a shame, because it sure is tasty! Get it together in there Peanut!

Cravings: Still no cravings…still waiting for that to happen.

Apart from the normal fatigue of working two jobs and being pregnant, life has been good this week. Also, slowly developing a baby bump is exciting…even if at the moment it looks like tummy weight gain. 😉

14 weeks down, 26 weeks to go!

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