That little “+”

“What! That was fast… It must be broken.” Those were the first words that popped into my head when I saw the little pee stick turn from blank to a plus sign on the morning of March 6, 2015.

Yup, that’s right ladies and gents. The hubby and I are expecting a peanut of our own!

However, one pee stick was not convincing. So, I did what any other reasonable adult would do: drink a bottle of water as fast as I could and take another one.

Result was the same! Oh my!

Well, more water and two more tests later (yes, that’s 4 in total) I was starting to believe the evidence. Although, I did look up on google the chances of having 4 false positive at home tests… Very, very unlikely. My eggo was prego, no doubt about it.

Well, 12 weeks and 4 doctor appointments later, my mind is finally realizing there’s a baby growing in this belly of mine! 

 Although we don’t know gender, Michael and I have names sorted (assuming neither of us change our minds in the next 6 months). 

I have yet to gain any baby weight, but I know that’ll soon change. My first trimester was one filled with nausea and being uncomfortable. Finally, the nausea is subsiding and I’m realizing how darn hungry I am! 

 Another huge relief is letting the social media world know of our exciting news! We had been waiting due to the amount of stalking my students like to do… Didn’t need that spreading from middle school lips to ears without my consent. 

(I am telling my classes this week.. They’re going to be so excited! I’ll post my baby announcing lesson plan on within the week.)

Baby Hill is expected to arrive November 8, 2015! (Yay babies!) 

12 weeks down, 28 weeks to go! 

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