Baby Update: It’s a….!!!

IMG_3144So, excitingly enough I was able to push my ultrasound foward, making it possible to find out Baby Hill’s gender a week earlier than planned. My impatient side got the best of me.

(Also, since this post is happening at the same time as my normal biweekly baby post, I will pick that up again at 23 weeks.)

However, before I get to the exciting news of what gender Peanut is, I figured it would be fun to share some old wives tales that I did to “predict” baby’s gender prior to the appointment.

  • Morning sickness/nausea – I had terrible nausea throughout the entire first trimester of my pregnancy. This wives tales indicates: GIRL
  • Chinese Gender Calendar – This one is easy, you just took up your month of conception (February) and match it with your age when it happened (25). Results: BOY
  • Mayan Gender Calendar – This is similar to the one above, however it has to do with odds and evens. You look at the age in which you got preganant and the year. If both are odd numbers or even numbers it’s a girl, for one of each it’s a boy. Results: GIRL
  • Cravings – I really have not had too bad of cravings, but the things I have craved most have been meat and milk. This wives tale indicates: BOY
  • Complection/Nails – Supposedly if those two things worsen, it means the baby is sucking the beauty out of you (girl), if they improve (boy). For me, my skin broke out more on my face than normal and my nails have gotten extremely weak. Results: GIRL
  • Heart rate – My baby’s heart rate has always been above 140. This wives tale indicates: GIRL2015-07-02 20.28.18
  • Ring test – You put your wedding ring on a peice of string or one of your hairs, dangle it above your belly and see how it moves. Mine moved in a circle, which means: GIRL
  • Baking Soda Test – Now, this one may seem gross, but you put 2 TBS of baking soda in a clear glass, and pour some of your urine on it. It will either bubble (boy) or do nothing (girl). Mine resulted is no chemical reaction, which means: GIRL
  • I also (of course) took the #TeamPink or #TeamBlue vote to social media and asked people to voice their opinions…the results:   33% said BOY, 67% said GIRL!
  • And for the record, Daddy thinks BOY! Mummy thinks GIRL!

So, based on old wives tales and silly tests…I should most likely be having a girl. But what is the baby’s actual gender, you may ask?

Well, this appointment was not as easy as one would hope. The little one was kept moving around and had its little legs crossed tight, so seeing its gender was a challenge.

After our tech lady made her original, but unsure guess, we decided to have me move around a bit and she tried to push the little one to move.

Finally, we got a quick glimpse that seemed to make it a bit more certain. 2015-07-02 20.26.16

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Baby Hill is a little girl ❤
(not 100% sure, but it’s good enough for me)

Both my husband and I were extremely excited to find out the news, but more importantly, we were excited to see just how healthy our little Peanut is. It is amazing how something so tiny can grow into a little human. I am so thankful that everything has gone well in my pregnancy thus far, and hope for that the rest of the way as well.

22 weeks down, 18 weeks to go.