A weekend momcation in NYC

img_2607As some of you saw, I went to NYC this weekend for a little momcation to visit my sister. We had an absolutely BLAST, so I wanted to share what all we did in the short span of 2 days.

Day 1:

  • Got some delicious oatmeal from OatMeals. I got S’mores and it was SO GOOD! Highly recommend for a breakfast treat before hitting the sites!img_2598
  • Next stop — we walked over the Perry Street to see where Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment was in SATC. Did I cry in excitement? Maybe. This was such a cool thing to check out, since who doesn’t love the show and know of this iconic apartment?!
  • After taking a million pics at the apartments, we started walking and enjoying all the sites — we walked through West Village, Washington Square Park, Union Square, Flatiron, and Bryant Park.
  • At some point during our miles of walking, did make a quick stop into the Museum of Sex. Can’t walk past that without having a cheeky look.
  • Seeing we had tome time before dinner, we popped into a little pub and treated ourselves to a Cosmo. Can’t be in NYC and pass up the opportunity to have a Comso!
  • img_2655For dinner we went to the rooftop of Eataly to a restaurant called SERRA by Birreria. It was basically every white girls Fall dream. It was head-to-toe decorated in Fall and the menu did not disappoint! I enjoyed beet risotto for dinner and ordered a spiked apple cider to drink. This cider was literally the best thing I have EVER TASTED. You were able to pick what liquor was put in it — I chose a hazelnut liqueur and it did not disappoint. I am pretty sure I will be dreaming of that cider for the rest of my life.
  • After dinner we made our way to Times Square to see Frozen on Broadway. Easily one of my top musicals. If you get the chance, definitely go see it!
  • Being exhausted from the 28,000 steps we did earlier in the day, we grabbed a slice of NY pizza on the way to the train station and headed home.

Day 2: 

  • We slept in a little bit on Saturday, which was nice! Once we got moving we made our way by Uber into the city for brunch (The Uber driver nearly killed us a few times…but it’s fine.)img_2768.jpg
  • For brunch we went to PS450. The bartender instantly handed us a BOTTLE of champagne and some orange juice, letting the mimosa-fest begin! We were starving so quickly ordered food — I picked the chicken and waffle sandwich. IT WAS HEAVEN. I don’t think I have ever had something so delicious in my life (apart from Day 1’s spiked cider). We spent two hours enjoying our brunch and chatting with the bartender, who even gave us a shot* in celebration of my momcation.
  • Two bottle of champagne later — we decided to start walking towards Central Park. We walked through the park taking tons of pictures. The Fall colors of the trees were absolutely stunning.
  • After Central Park we channeled our inner Gossip Girls and walked to the Upper East Side and sat on the steps of The Met. A nice stranger even took a picture of us together. We felt pretty fancy.
  • img_2832.jpgSince we were already feeling fancy, we decided to walk to Midtown and browse the SJP store. OH MY GOSH I NEED HER SHOES. If you have never checked out Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line, you are missing out. They are beautiful! I’m going to start saving up NOW, as her shoes are all around $400 a pair. Sigh, one day.
  • We were absolutely exhausted come 5p, so we changed up the plans and went back to my sister’s apartment and ordered in food and watched SATC//Gossip Girl. I don’t remember the last time I was able to watch a movie without a child interrupting me, so a relaxing night in was SO AMAZING.

*The shot I mentioned above was tequila. I hate tequila, but you can’t say no to a free shot. Especially when the bartender is commending you for your momcation. So, I did the shot and the bartender laughed at the face I made, clearly I am NOT a shot girl. haha. 

Day 3:

  • We slept in some again and then went to grab breakfast before heading to the airport. We went to City Diner in Jersey City and enjoyed all the good breakfast foods! They have a massive menu and the food was soooo yummy!
  • After breakfast my sister took my to the airport, where I grabbed my flight and went back home.


This weekend was something I needed more than I realized. I enjoyed letting my hair down some. I did my hair and make up each morning, looked super cute, and actually had pictures taken of myself. 

I think all moms need a weekend to themselves on occasion.

For me, two days was just enough time to enjoy myself, but even with enjoying myself I still missing my kids. I am happy to now be back home with them and enjoyed so many cuddles and kisses from them since I have been back.

Guess now I will need to start planning my next momcation… hmm, where to go next?


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