Bye, Felicia – unfriending “friends”

The other day, someone posted on social media about having all of these “friends” following your posts — just behind the scenes creeping on your life… and that got me thinking.

Why do we add all these people as “friends” on social media sites, when the reality is I would not want either am NOT their friend, and in some cases I don’t even know who they are and accepted their friend request due to the mutual friends we have.

Seems silly to let complete strangers see into my personal life. See my children. See my vacations. See things I am sharing for real friends and family.

With the mindset today, why is it we find it necessary to have as many “friends” as possible, when in reality it doesn’t make us any more lonely that we all really are?

Looking at my Facebook page, I looked at the 1,628 “friends” I have and decided to start weeding out the ones I don’t know…and in some cases the ones I don’t care to associate with anymore.

This was quite an eye-opening experience.

As I started making my way alphabetically through my friends list, I realized how many people I did not know.


Sadly, I already realized within the first couple hundred how many of my friends had passed away.

After spending too much time unfriending people — I only managed to get my list down to 1,236. I clearly have more sorting to do, but it was a step in the right direction.

We bank so much of our worth on how many friends we have, or how many “likes” we get on our posts and pictures — I think we forget what is REALLY important in life.

Social media can be such a cool tool to use in life, but it can always be a burden in the sense that it adds impractical pressure on ourselves to be “perfect”.

Anyways, that is my thought for the day — if we are still Facebook friends, congratulations, you made it to see another day of my posts and pictures.

You’re welcome 😉


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  1. Stephanie Weber

     /  November 4, 2019

    Well said and sadly, very true….think it’s time for for some housekeeping on FB as well.


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