My first Momcation!

img_0718My bag is packed. Outfits picked out. Hair washed and straightened. Diapers and snacks stocked up.

Tomorrow is the day, I am flying to NYC for the weekend to visit my sister — BY MYSELF!

No kids. No husband. Only me, Jordan, enjoying a weekend of being more than just a mom.

My sister is a crazy organizer (love you!) and has the entire weekend planned out by the hour in a nice, neat, color coded, excel itinerary.

We are site seeing, eating tons of delicious food, seeing FROZEN ON BROADWAY, and of course…drinking!


Don’t get me wrong — I will miss being away from my girls. This will be my first weekend away since…well..becoming a mom. And I have never been THIS far away from them. So, yes, I will miss them and it will be hard. But this mama NEEDS a little time to herself. 

*As seen in this picture of the conversation I had with my sister this morning*

As I mentioned in my last post, I am really working on self-love this year. And while I have focused more on my physical well-being, mentally I am still in tired-mom-brain-all-the-time mode.

If you are a mom, you understand. Mom guilt is a real thing and it creeps in any time you try to do something for yourself. Planning a weekend away and leaving the kids at home with your husband?


But there comes a time when every mom needs to tell the guilt to get over itself and do something FOR YOU!

So, this trip will be about just having a good time, making memories with my sister and the two of us taking on NYC.

Goodbye mom guilt, HELLO New York City! 😉

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