Baby Update: The halfway mark!

 Those of you confused by the headline of this post…it is correct! We are officially half way through cooking up this tiny baby! Amazing and scary how fast time goes, isn’t it?

Baby Hill is measuring in at about the size of a MANGO! So about 6.5 inches long and weighing around 10 ounces!

I am excited to say that this week the bump has made a slight appearance and it is becoming noticeable now! YAY!

My husband laughs and tells me I am probably the only woman who is excited about gaining weight and having clothing feel tighter…he is probably right. 😉

Gender: My little brother, who will be known as “Uncle Sam” to the peanut, thinks SHE is a little GIRL! We will see soon enough if he is correct!

Still have 19 more days to wait till be find out what anatomy Peanut has! (Yes, I am counting the days). I do seem to be more drawn to pink, cutesy clothes than anything else…so maybe that is a sign. Or, perhaps I am biased 😉

Food Aversions: Still not much on the aversion aspect. Which, I must say, I am extremely thankful for!

Food Cravings: Now, this is an interesting recent. Up until the past few days, I have really loved milk and savory foods (which according to old wives tales means BOY). However, I have recently had quite the sweet tooth and REALLY, really wanted chocolate. Thankfully, yummy, chocolate flavoured Greek yogurt has sufficed with this craving.

Oh, and I may have eaten three of my Mom’s scumptious, freshly made flour-less chocolate cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting) for breakfast this morning. Don’t judge.

Fun Things: As I mentioned last post, I was able to feel some fluttering. Well, those flutters have become more and more regular. I am hoping baby gets big enough soon so that Michael will be able to feel our little Peanut flipping around and stretching out inside my tummy!

Most of the movement happens in the evenings and at night, which is quite fun. Especially when attempting to go to sleep. Although I feel like I have some strange thing inside of me when it’s moving around like that, it reassures me in knowing baby is okay and enjoying its womb time.

This week was the start of summer school! Bring on my new summer schedule! Although unhappy to be at school over the summer, my kiddos are excited that I am finally starting to show a slight bump and love asking me about the baby! It is cute how much they genuinely care. 🙂

230-3196021872-OAlso, shout outs to everyone who is giving my husband and I baby things they no longer use! It is a real help with how expensive baby product are! We truly are blessed and thankful to have such amazing people in our lives.

Also, HAPPY FIRST (sort of) FATHER’S DAY to the love of my life and daddy to Peanut! Can’t believe we are zooming through this new adventure together! I know you will be the best daddy to our little one. Love you! ❤

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