Baby Update: 18 weeks!

 Holy cow! Where is time going?

Peanut is now the size of a tasty little sweet potato (as you can see, Morrison thinks sweet potatoes taste yummy too!) Meaning, we are measuring at about 5.5 inches and weighing around 5 ounces! Growing fast!

Still have not gained much baby weight, however you are able to slightly see a bump if I wear something tight-fitting clothing…how exciting!

I also find it to be a success that I can still fit my clothes…without alterations or adjustments. Those skinny jeans still button, works for me!

Gender Update: Still have to wait 5 more weeks to find out if baby is a boy or a girl. July 10th is the set date! Daddy thinks it’s a girl. I am just dying to know…do I start buying cute superhero things…or cute pink princess things? 🙂

Cravings: Still have not been hit heavy with the cravings. Baby (and myself) just really like food in all shapes and tastes.

I do, however, enjoy adding some spice to my life with some Green Pepper Tabasco Sauce. That is a new thing that seems to take my fancy.

Aversions: Like I said, baby just likes food…so other than what I have mentioned in past posts…nothing new has turned my stomach into a ball of unhappiness.

Fun Things: Well, my mom and I went to Target and found a nice deal on some diapers! We have officially started the diaper stock in the Hill household!

However, sleep the past few nights has not been my friend. My back has been bothering me throughout the day, especially when it comes to getting comfy in bed. Even though the back ache/not sleeping thing sucks, it is quite exciting because that means that baby is growing and shifting my center of gravity (hence the back pain). I am sure I’ll adjust to it soon enough.

I had another baby doctor appointment this past week as well. Baby’s heartbeat is always a blessing to hear. A heart rate at a steady and consistent 141 was what we heard. It was beautiful. I also had blood drawn to see if there are an abnormalities baby might have developed. Not too worried about this one…we will love our little peanut no matter what.

The most exciting baby news I have is….. I CAN FEEL FLUTTERS! I can only feel them at night when I am completely in tune to my body and relaxed, but I have felt it twice now! Feels like little twitches inside my tummy. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Next update at the halfway mark!

18 weeks down, 22 weeks to go!

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