A Blondes Guide to an Awkward Dating Life: The Little

With a tattoo of initials on his inner arm, I was instantly attracted.

Muscular with just enough frat boy flare to keep me interested. He was the perfect mix between an athlete and preppy.

I had seen him around, but I never have had the confidence to go for guys I think I can’t get. This guy was different, I mentioned to his big, to whom is my number three frat boy you will read about shortly, that I thought his Little was attractive and asked if he was single.

Soon I received a text asking to hang out after the party, of course I said yes. We began hanging out regularly. He would come to my room and watch movies and I would go with him to the mall.

It was like any other dating scenario. He would hold my hand, cuddle with me and kiss me goodnight. I was completely smitten.

Our talking stage went on for over a month before he finally owned up over a text message to dating someone else.

The way he wrote his text will forever burn in my mind because I could not believe I was played like that. He simply told me he met someone else and really hoped I would not be mad at him.

No, of course I won’t be mad at you, just don’t speak to me again. You only strung me along, got me hooked and then cut me off, no big deal.

Shame I did not actually say that, instead I was how I always was and said okay, I understand. For the rest of my time at that university I stayed clear of that frat, minus the occasional run in at the bars and parties.

Fast forward the story a year or so. By this time I had already transferred and it was around Christmas break.

I was getting ready within a few weeks to go visit my girls back at that university when I get a text one night, it was from the Little.

Supposedly he and the girl he picked over me had broken up. The text said, “I should have picked you, I am so sorry.” At first I was in shock, no way had this guy realized two years too late that he made a mistake.

I could not help but wonder why he was telling me this now, so I asked but in a more hostile way that I probably should have. We texted back and forth for hours that night, him constantly apologizing while I tried to figure out if this was really happening, and if so how serious was he….(to be continued)

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