A Blondes Guide to an Awkward Dating Life: Batman

You know those boys your parents tell you to stay away from because they are “bad news”? That would be Batman in my dating life.

The first time I met this unique character was all thanks to my brother, who is two years younger than I am. My brother was going through the “let’s make a band” stage I think every person has at least once in their life, however for Batman, he never and still has not grown out of that stage.

My brother and some of his friends from high school decided to start a screamo band, you know, the type of band where they scream at you rather than sing nicely.

Well, since my mother always supported our dreams, no matter how insane, she allowed my brother’s band to practice in our garage. One afternoon the boys were being extraordinarily loud, so I went out to ask them to quite down. That is when I saw it, the infamous Batman belt buckle.

I had heard descriptions of this guy before; had a girlfriend, drama kid, known for jumping from band to band. At first I was not remotely interested. He was only a few inches taller than me, had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length and his pants hung so low I was not sure why he even tried to wear a belt.

Either way, he was in my brother’s band, I had to be friendly, especially because I was the sort of the band’s chauffeur, since none of the boys had were able to drive at the time.

I think a majority of the appeal was the rebel factor this guy had. My parents would never approve and I was known as the “goody two shoes, church girl” everywhere I went.

Batman was my attempt to be rebellious and break the image I had. So, I took it upon myself to ignore all my inner feelings about this guy and tell him I had a thing for him. Which I did, but it was not a feeling I should have acted on when I look back on it.

So, he dumped his girlfriend of a couple years and shortly after we began dating. Now I can understand why my mom acted the way she did when she found out, but at the time she just gave me a reason to test out my rebellious abilities…(to be continued)

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