A Blondes Guide to an Awkward Dating Life: Mr. Rolling Backpack

This section of the book is called

Stalker Status

 As a student athlete, you get plenty of perks when you’re going to school. One includes personal tutors to help you with your studies.

Being over-cautious, I booked a tutor for all of my non degree classes. One of those classes was biology, which after the first day I realised I did not need a tutor because it would be an easy class.

However, when I went to meet with the tutor he was this 36-year-old, single guy who was extremely awkward and had a rolling backpack that he would roll around campus.

So, I was happy I was not going to need to see him weekly for class help anyways. After our session he added me on Facebook, okay, not that weird, so I let it slide.

One of the other non degree classes I had was a math class. My teammate and I had math classes about the same time so while she finished class I would wait in the hallway and do my math homework for the next week.

We had an extremely good system going. Only downside, the rolling backpack happened to be in that hallway always around the same time I would be waiting for my teammate.

He would always hesitantly come up tot all to me, as if he had never talked to a girl before. He started of asking about basic things, my sport, my classes, simple things.

Soon though, those simple conversations turned into asking about family and relationships, particularly boyfriend status.

Although I said I had a boyfriend, which was a lie I just wanted him to go away, he still asked me on dates.

Now, when I say dates I mean he did not stop at asking once, he asked week after week….(to be continued)

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