Baby Update: Week 34!

 Time is flying by! 34 weeks already? Peanut will be here before we know it!

This week, baby is about the size of a pineapple. Weighing in at around 5 pounds and is anywhere between 18-20 inches long!

That size explains why she is making my tummy more and more tight…poor thing is running out of room!

Also explains why she thinks stretching out is a good idea, someone must be cramped (please note, it hurts when she does that).

Pregnancy Symptoms: Well, first things first. I have felt my energy drastically decrease the past two weeks. I am sure the lack of sleep and the working two jobs isn’t helping that problem. But dang, I just feel worn out constantly.

IMG_3890I also have acquired a fun pregnancy symptom…swollen feet. Now, after being up on my feet most of the day my feet swell. Now, funniest part is my right foot swells more than my left, which makes me have one kankle.

I now know the struggle Kim Kardashian faced while pregnant with her first little one….kankles are the new sexy, duh!

I also have been having some random, slight cramping…So, I will be getting fully looked at (if you know what I mean) when I go in for my Doctor’s appointment on Thursday! Excited and nervous to see just how things ‘down there’ are going.

Baby Prep: I have officially packed all things baby will need for when we have to go to the hospital! Now, just to get a hospital bag packed for myself and daddy. I plan on doing that this week…since we never really know when she will make her arrival into this world, better to be prepared.

IMG_3888Baby’s Birthday: Last week, I made a poster board that looked like a calendar and allowed my students to make a prediction on when they thought Baby Hill would be born. The kids are having fun with getting a bit involved in baby things, especially when a prize is involved for those who guessed the correct date.

I put my guess in as well…I guessed October 15th as baby’s birthday.

Other Thoughts: The other night, while laying in bed talking with my husband, I came to the (scary and exciting) realization that we could have a tiny baby in 2-3 weeks. I knew time was sneaking up on me…but this truly made me have a reality check. However, although that realization slightly freaked me out and gave me some anxiety, I believe I am ready to welcome my little girl into the world and finally hold her in my arms.

34 weeks down, 6 weeks to go!