There crazy kids are my journalism class. Some days, they make my life stressful with unfinished stories and the lack of photos they take, but most days, we have a great time for 90 minutes learning about journalism and editing our stories for publishing.


Today I worked hard on their first publication. Since this is the first student publication at Largo Middle for quite some time, I decided to make it look like a newsletter because my students thought the sound of a magazine was cooler than that of a newspaper.

We also started a blog to accompany our publication where all out stories will be held and shown all around the world.

These 32 students are a very hard working, lovable bunch who have been running around campus getting interviews. All I have heard from those interviewees was how prepared my students were and how professional their interviews seemed.

Needless to say I am very proud of them.

Show some love for LMS and these darling students, check out our journalism blog and the PDF of the publication that is posted on the site. Comment, share, get these kids to really understand just how awesome their doing in this fun, new elective class.

Days like today make me proud to be a teacher. GO TIGERS! 🙂

The Tiger Teller

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