Thought for the day: Pros and Cons to having your classroom in a portable

Well, since many teachers have to be in a portable at least once in their teaching careers…even if it is temporary, here are some pros and cons to the portable teacher life. 

Well, let us start with the bad…then I will end on the positive notes! 

CONS to the portable life:

  • Rainy Day Schedule: I have never witnessed a more frustrating system than rainy day schedule. Not only is it frustrating to edit your lesson plans to suit another teacher’s room, but you are also floating to a new room every class. Also, your kiddies do NOT handle change well, so they think rainy day schedule means “FREE FOR ALL!” Quickly explain to them that they still have to work…and pretend that you had those lesson plans all along. 
  • Bathroom situations: For me, the closest staff bathroom is a good 2 minute walk away…so good luck trying to do your business between classes. I suggest making a friend with a close by teacher who can help you out…and visa versa. Also note that it will take your students a bit longer to go to their bathroom if you give them a pass…if you are doing something important, they can hold it until you are finished explaining the directions. 

PROS to the portable life:

  • Air control: You get to control your own air conditioning. It is lovely. Not too cold, not too hot. JUUUUSTTTT RIGHT 😉
  • Peace and quiet: You do not have to worry about that loud speaking teacher who you can hear through the walls constantly. You have your room and the sounds of mother nature (if there are any). You also do not get too bothered during your planning period. It is lovely being a hermit some days. 
  • Scenery: Most portables are outside of the main school building and have a few windows. Not all classrooms have windows, so the kids can appreciate a bit of natural light in the classroom. 

Apart from the occasional wasp, lizard or thunder storm, I love having a portable. I can lesson plan in quiet. My kids can be a bit rowdy and other teachers can’t hear. 

However, just pray there is not a tornado or a mob of angry kids because portables aren’t the safest while sitting on a few cement bricks. 

For all you teachers in portables. Take advantage of the portable life. There are quite a bit of pros to balance out the cons. 🙂

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  1. Stephanie

     /  September 27, 2013

    🙂 well said!


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