12 Interviewees.

5 hours of material.

35 hours of editing.

6000 words written.

3 trees used.

2 CDs burned.

1 year of stress being above the average person’s capacity. 

MA Final Radio Documentary Submitted.


Somehow, I managed to live through my Masters Degree.

A two-year programme crammed into one year? Good idea…possibly?

Minus the amount of stress I had and the amount of food I managed to eat to comfort myself in time of depression…

I say it was totally worth it.

I am honestly just happy it is finished and done with.

So CHEERS to all those in my course!

Whether you are print, broadcast or online…of MAJ v. MAJI

Guys…I am not sure if you have realised this…


After the countless times we were told some of us would fail.

The countless times we questioned if we were REALLY in the right career choice.

Through blood, sweat and tears…and PLENTY of laughs.


In all seriousness though:

To my coursemates…I could not have made it through this year without every single one of you. I love you all dearly and can’t wait to see where we all end up.

I wish you all every happiness!

We now can go out into the world…and find big kid jobs (oh my!)

All I know is after a year such as this, we ALL deserve a drink….or five. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations to Jordan and all her classmates. Post graduate education is one of those experiences in life where it seems so difficult while you are going through it, but when you have succeeded you are rightfully
    gratified with your accomplishment – and after a time, it was not really all that hard (but the latter does take time to realize).

    • awwwhhh thanks coach 🙂 I am just thrilled that its over and done with. :):) Now I have to find a big kid job…hmm. Wish me luck with that one!

      How are you? Hows the summer going for you all so far?? You impressed with our London 2012 Olympic team? I kept the trial details where they would feed through twitter on my phone so I could see how everyone was doing. 🙂

      Miss you! x Jordan

  2. I’ll be there soon! 😀


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