Thought for the day: Home is not always your home

I was recently talking to my sister-in-law last night..and she said something to me that I have been thinking about.

She said to me “You seems to balance home and living in another country great…what is your secret?”

Well, like I told her there is no secret to my balancing act between London and Florida.

I never have felt that Florida was my home. I never had that feeling of “home”.

I have always wanted to get out of Florida as fast as I could.

I know a majority of my friends and family are there…which is great. I love seeing them when I visit.

However, I still don’t ever feel like I belong I suppose you could say.

London, on the other hand, is somewhere I instantly felt that sense of “home”. I love it here.

London is my home. My heart is here…and I couldn’t be happier here.

Yes, I miss my family and friends back in the States…however, I feel like I fit in and belong here in London.

Don’t ask me how…I am sure I won’t live here in London forever, but for now I am content.

And living a dream.

Balancing home (where you live) and home (where your heart is) is not always easy.

Such as if you move to another country to be with your significant other…and you decide to start a family.

You don’t necessarily look at the place you are living as permanent. Sometimes you want to go back to where your family and friends are to raise your family.

Makes sense…NOTHING is wrong with that.

Even if you counter part does not agree…you can’t help what you feel..and they should understand that.

I mean, it is probably easier said that done..I am neither is a marriage nor a relationship for that matter…so I get it is not that easy.

But home is where your heart is..whether that is in the US, London, Japan…where ever you feel at home…that is where your home is.

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  1. Stephanie

     /  March 12, 2012

    very well put – home is not necessarily a ‘place’ but more of a heart belief….that is supported by those who love you. ‘Home’ may not be a actual place, like Florida where you were born and raised, but ‘home’ is where you know you are always loved….if that makes sense.


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