Thought for the day: The stress of a MA student

I have come to the conclusion that part of becoming a MA student is being stressed out to your maximum potential.

Knowing I go home the last two weeks of this semestre does not help my case.

I have papers due, doc proposals to get approved, docs to start recording, features to produce and submit, and reflective essays to begin working on.

On top of the normal uni work…I also have to find a job..and prepare for law school.

I believe I enjoy stressing myself out..don’t you think?

Although I am stressed, I would not change this experience for the world.

The amount I am learning in this year for my MA is something I don’t believe I could have learned in the States.

I am making memories and having experiences some people can only dream of doing.

So, even though I will be pulling out my hair for the next 17 days…it will all be worth it.

I mean, I can always buy a wig for occasions such as this. 😉

I just have to remember the bigger picture is worth the current state I am in.

One day I will be able to breathe and rest easy knowing I accomplished my MA in one piece (hopefully) and that I will come out on top and as a better person than I was when I started.

So bring it on professors and factors of my life that cause stress.

I can take you…I KNOW I can 🙂

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