I’m Wishing – A Snow White Parody

Well, with Elsa being such a hit, I decided to use this extra time at home as a creative outlet for my inner Disney Princess.

b1b0208e-90df-4806-b8a9-b16cb0aaaef2That’s right, I made ANOTHER video.

This time, the ORIGINAL of the Disney Princesses, Snow White, was the star of the show.

After creating this video, I realized just how underrated Snow White is when compared to all the other princesses.

Listen, Snow White has to sing SO MUCH HIGHER than any other princesses…this girl deserves some real applause, those notes are NOT easy to hit.

Click the link below to check out Snow White’s video on social distancing 🙂

I’m Wishing – A Snow White Parody

Stay At Home – A Frozen Parody


Laying in bed on night, my mind could not shut itself off enough for me to fall asleep… this is when I came up with the idea of parodying a Disney Princess song into #Coronavirus videos. 

Obviously, starting with Elsa was the best idea. Luckily for me, turning “Let it go” into “Stay at home” came naturally.

The next morning I got to work coming up with the lyrics and videos shots I would need to make this little PSA video.

Full make-up, a wig and costume, and an iphone of takes later — this little gem was created.

Click the link below to check it out 🙂

Stay At Home – A Frozen Parody