One lump or two?

High tea at the Ritz Hotel, London. Can you say magical? I mean, I literally felt like a princess or something. Sarah, Kathryn and I got all dressed up with our fancy hair pieces to go have some high tea. The instant we walked into the hotel, we felt like royalty and got instant big heads.

I mean, how could you not feel awesome? You walk in. People hold the doors for you, call you Madam, sounds so classy and fancy. When we sat down, we ordered our tea. Sarah and I got the Passion Fruit and Orange tea, while Kathryn went with the Ritz English tea. The tea was fabulous. So delicious.

It was crazy for the fact that we were drinking from original china tea cups and the tableware was ALL REAL SILVER. How ridiculous is that? Knowing that you are using such expensive items to drink tea and eat scones with clotted cream. I got crumbs on real china.You mean people live like this on a regular basis? I love England and the people who live here! So proper.

Let’s talk about the finger foods. They have a variety of little tea sandwiches that were delish. The sandwiches varied from salmon to chicken to cucumber. They were so yummy and went great with the tea. They also has an assortment of desserts. I tried to chocolate mousse one…it was like Heaven in my mouth. SO GOOD! After the tea was brought out they brought us what Sarah has been waiting for the entire time…scones with clotted cream and jam. They were absolutely scrumptious. Scones are the closest version of an American biscuit as it gets. Fluffy and warm. MM! The waiters also brought around a lemon custard with some sort of jelly stuff on top. That was good too. I have never eaten custard before, so that was a new experience.

I felt so posh eating all these fancy tea cakes and sandwiches and drinking tea with my pinky raised. At some points we even practiced out British accents and phrases to sound more the part.

I recommend giving high tea at somewhere fancy a try. It is a must, especially when you are in England. Where tea parties are a real, everyday occurrence. I love it. Although, be prepared to pay a little bit extra mula to experience the quality and richness of the tea party and its fabulousness. For the three of us, it cost about £126 in total. It was about £40 per person for tea. Not including champagne. TOTALLY WORTH IT though! So get your fancy hair pieces, whether its a bow, a headband, or a hat and get those heels on! Go enjoy a tea party with your best friends. You will feel just like us…fancy and royal.

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  1. Stephanie

     /  November 7, 2011

    Oh wow!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits!! Yall look so chic and beautiful! Glad you had such an awesome experience!! 🙂

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