IMG_0465Everyone has a New Years resolution, but let’s be real…most of those resolutions fizzle out come February and we are left beating ourselves up about it until the next year rolls around.

In 2019, my resolution was the prioritize myself more; Take time for myself, work out, brunch with friends… things I had been putting to the side since I became a mom.

In 2020, I wanted to continue on from my resolution prior… this year, my resolution is to love myself again.

Yup, SELF LOVE. That is what I want to accomplish this year.

I have started this year with continuing the prioritization of myself – working out, spending time with friends and over-all doing things that make me happy.


The majority of what I don’t love about myself comes from my mom-bod. This body grew and birthed and fed two beautiful baby girls. It deserves a lot more respect and love than I have been giving it.

So, you bet I am going to buy those shorts and love these thighs. And I will buy the form fitting dress that accentuates all my curves, and love every roll and curve I have.

Why? Well, because…




And because I should be damn proud of all the changes this body has made and how much work this body has put in, especially in the last 4 years.

So, here’s to #SelfLove2020. Time to start loving ALL of yourself, not just bits and pieces.



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