Baby Update: WEEK 30!

 Excuse me while I have a moment…

We have made it to 30 weeks…and I am feeling ALL the emotions. I can’t believe how soon I will be holding my darling little peanut.

This week, Peanut is measuring to be the size of a butternut squash. She is around 16 inches long and weighs around 3 pounds.

She is getting bigger by the day, and trust me…oh do I feel it.

The Pregnancy: As you can see, there is no more mistaking my bump for weight gain. I also am finding it harder and harder to wear my old clothes. Glad I am only just having this issue.

Baby is constantly moving around and making her mummy uncomfortable by pushing against my ribs with her teeny feet. She also gets VERY excited when daddy touches my belly and starts moving around to show him how much she loves him already. (What a daddy’s girl!)

I have a doctor’s appointment this Friday, and then I start having to go in every two weeks. I also will start rotating doctors so I meet the whole crew prior to giving birth. Makes me nervous but excited all at once.

10686612_10153014450538038_7651750796255870187_nBaby Facts: We had our 3D/4D ultrasound this week. IT WAS AMAZING! Worth every penny. We confirmed baby is in no doubt A GIRL! (Good thing too…I didn’t want to return all the pink). We also got to see her adorable little face, which made me tear up a little bit. It amazes me how the body turns something so tiny into a little human in just 40 weeks.

Anyways, baby has some chubby cheeks already, as you can see. She also is already facing the correct way for her arrival into the world. The funniest moment is seeing how tight she is getting in there, our little goof was getting a bit too close to my belly and ended up squashing her nose a couple of times. (lol)11934971_10153014450323038_3708321272206091481_n

Also this week:I got my cute Cath Kidston London diaper bag in the mail yesterday. It has cute little London busses all over it. Totally worth the wait. OBSESSED!

Tomorrow will be my second week of having students. I am hoping to not feel as tired as last week, but we will see. Trying to take it as easy as I can so peanut doesn’t feel stressed. I do have better classes this year, which makes my work days MUCH happier.

The kids are all excited about Baby Hill and they love my growing belly. However, I do have a “no touchy” rule. Can’t have all these middle schoolers all up in my space and touching my belly. Could be weird. So, they look from afar.

Next update will be at 32 weeks!

30 weeks down, 10 weeks to go!

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