Bad luck: Story of my life

Not saying I don’t just LOVE teaching, but with my original degree being journalism…it would be nice to get back into my first chosen career path.

So, a friend sends me this great job opportunity for a morning show host at a really good radio station in the area. Of course, I update my resume and apply! BAM! So proud.

I type up a nice cover letter, attach my newly refurbished resume and even attach my Westside Radio air check that I made a couple years back.

Send the email…

That is when I realize I was on an ex-students email address. I had forgot I had saw her Friday before break and she wanted to show me her scholarship essay to help start working on funds for college.Crap though.

Send off a job application in a students email. So, I logged into my email and sent all the info again…this time adding the funny story of why the first one was in a different email address. Well, perhaps they will find it funny and get back to me because i live an entertaining life? One can hope. My life. Lawdy!

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