A Blondes Guide to an Awkward Dating Life: Brazil

Sitting in church one day, I saw some delicious eye candy that my friend and I could not ignore.

He had piercing eyes and a killer smile, with an athletic build and was looking fine in his button down and tie. Who was this mysterious guy I had never seen before? My friend and I took it amongst ourselves to introduce ourselves.

Come to find out he was a student at one of the local Christian colleges who was trying out our church. So, the next week he came to church again, this time sitting with by us, his newly acquired cute friends.

My friend fancied him but was too nervous to ask for his number. She kept saying she couldn’t and said she knew I wouldn’t ask either.

Challenge accepted.

So, I turned around and asked for his number. He gave me his number and later told me he liked how aggressive I was about getting his number.

So he asked me on a date.

We went to see a movie and have dinner. I am not sure what movie it was, but all I know is that this sexy Brazilian was looking fine and that’s all that mattered.

His kiss tasted of minty goodness and he smelled so good, his cologne Acqua Di Gio. Can you say melt my heart by a smell. OH MY!

Now, at this time I had brown hair, I know, depressing right? It was a temporary lapse in hair colour judgement.

(Don’t worry people, never again will I make that decision….don’t hate me!)

However, I was thinking of going back to blonde because brunette just was not suiting me. So, while we talked I mentioned this.

His face went from happy to serious and he said to me “I like long, brown hair on girls. If you cut your hair and go back blonde, we can’t date.”

I thought he was joking at first, but he never called again. So, I went back blonde and happened to run into him.

When I saw him he just shook his head and said shame I changed my hair colour because we would have looked good together.

HA! I just looked at him and said, “Sorry Brazil, I like being blonde, get over it.” and that was that.

I have not spoken to him since.

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