Thought for the day: The best Christmas present

As you all know I had to stop blogging.

Although it was a real excuse that I would be busy traveling, it was also due to the GIANT surprise my family was in for on Monday.

On Monday I took three tube lines, a 30 minute train ride, hopped on British Airways and flew 9.5 hours to fly home for Christmas.

My family had no idea!

Thanks to my best friend Katie, Richard, my other bestie Alissa, and Albert I managed to not only surprise my family, but also to surprise my friends at work and diving as well!

All the surprises were filmed, so do not fear, I will post the video once it is completely edited and looking FABULOUS! 🙂

There are two stories posted: My family’s surprise and my friends’ surprise.

So click either of the two links to check out the surprises! 🙂

Christmas Surprise: Family Edition

Christmas Surprise: Friends Edition

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