Baby update: 28 weeks!

Blonde Mum Diaries

28weekbumppicHello there third trimester!

I feel like time is really flying this pregnancy…perhaps that is because I am constantly chasing around a toddler 😉

This week baby is the size of a giant banana split (yummy!) She is measuring in around 14 inches and weighing around 2 lbs!

Lots of fun still to come in the next couple months, but I am already getting anxious to meet our little girl!

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: Baby girl was all hyped up at the last appointment since I had to also take my glucose test. She was all wiggly, but her heart rate was around 140! She is still staying pretty steady in the 130-140 range.

24232104_10155051163293038_5088027297225140402_nSymptoms: Nothing too crazy happening in this realm of pregnancy. I am finding I already am waddling, which is hilarious.

I also am starting to really have some back pain happening, but I knew that was…

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