Baby Update: Oops…we did it again! 15 weeks

Blonde Mum Diaries

IMG_8189Well, looks like Baby Hill #2 is coming March 2018! Mummy and Daddy are thrilled to be having another tiny human! ❤

Baby Hill #2 is 15 weeks today! Growing fast, time is speeding by! At 15 weeks baby is the size of a mix tape. Measuring at around 3 inches in length! Pretty adorable if you ask me.

I am loving the fact I am showing a bit faster this time than with my first pregnancy, look at that little bump already!

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: At my check-up last week, everything was looking great! Baby’s heart rate was at a solid 145.

To my surprise, I have actually lost a couple of pounds since my first appointment at 9 weeks!

Symptoms: Although completely different from how I felt with Aurora, this time around the 1st trimester was equally as hard, if not harder.

Along with terrible fatigue (which…

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