Why I chose to teach another year

The Unteacherly Teacher

Before leaving on maternity leave, I truly was miserable.

Add being hormonal to the every day struggle of teaching 8th grade students writing and basic English skills, I was dead set on not going back to teaching.

My school is far from perfect. Discipline and teacher support needs work in the administration department, the students tend to come from broken homes, and the state is constantly monitoring and changing the way we teach and how we are meant to teach.

All the extra paper work, meetings and trainings were adding to my exhaustion and I had had enough.

49f55c653a0969175fb973932b0f9288I use to go home and cry to my husband whenever the talk of going back after the baby came up. I hated every bit of my job and the thought of another year made me sick to my stomach.

(Luckily, my crying face was not nearly as ugly as Kim K’s…

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