TFTD: Saying goodbye

WARNING: This thought for the day is sad…please don’t read if you are sensitive to family pets dying.

393284_10150429761873038_1932344532_nThis morning, just as I was leaving for work, I got a call from my mom saying one of our dogs, who just turned 14 had died.

We knew she was getting old. Poor thing could barely hear and see anymore. However, you never expect them to leave you so fast.

I remember when we picked her out. She was a present for my dad. She was so tiny and the blackest black you can have an animal. We named her Lydia and she was our families new puppy.

Although Lydia was cute, she was a feisty little thing. I remember the first time she bit me. I had dropped a chicken nugget on the floor and tried to snatch it before the new puppy got it…poor choice. Instead Lydia got the chicken nugget and I got a slightly bloody finger.

Once she got older, she was much less feisty. She was in all the family Christmas photos, was a nice little cuddle bug, and was a part of our every day lives.

Even until today, I always said hi to her and picked her up when I visited my mom’s house. She would always wag her little nub of a tail to great her family.

It is amazing just how attached we get to these little creatures. I suppose you never realize how much they mean to you until they die…then then little things you’ll miss pop into your head.

315321_10150267478653038_1766503_nLike how much Lydia enjoyed getting dog treats. You couldn’t say the word “cookie” without her getting excited and following you around until you gave her one.

Although it’ll be weird not seeing our little old lady hobble around the house, at least she is no longer suffering.

I like to think she is in doggy heaven and her playfulness, sight and hearing has returned and she is running around, enjoying herself again.

Although she is gone, she will always be a big part of my childhood memories and will always be remembered in my heart.

Lydia Joy

October 3, 2001 – October 27, 2015

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