Finally, I can almost taste the success!

Finally, I can almost taste the success! I am ready to accept my teaching certificate now 😉

The Unteacherly Teacher

So, as an out-of-field teacher, life has been challenging; Start working at a job you have NO IDEA about how to do, taking a teaching training course to make up for the things you did not learn in college, and then taking extra courses that you have to take to add to your certificate.

(Not including the countless amount of time and $$$ you spend on taking your official teaching tests so that you are somewhat legit.)

Luckily, my county has a great program where I can get my real teaching certificate through their classes. This program is called TTT (Transition to Teaching). Which, not going to lie, has been way better and cheaper than spending my days at an actual college with 18 year olds.

However, today is THE DAY. I finally finished uploading and editing up every piece of paper, rubric and video i needed to say, “I have…

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