TFTD: 11 School Days till SUMMER!

With summer just around the corner, I feel myself starting to think of things to do to fill my spare time. As a teacher, summer holidays are a great time to set goals and catch up on hobbies one might put to the side during the school year.

Although I will be working some. (If you call teaching kids to swim and dive working…getting tan…keeping cool. Hard knock life) I still thought setting myself some attainable goals for the summer would seem reasonable and keep me motivated during these lazy couple months. So, here are my three summer time goals:

1. Practice piano every other day…and put up some videos on the YouTube page showing off my practice

I picked this because my poor keyboard is just collecting dust and it makes me sad. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I need to get back into it before I lose it completely. Yes, it will be hard work, but by the end of summer I could have some pretty good tunes down. Making the YouTube ready adds to the goal, giving me a little pressure to keep me focused.

2. Work on my Spanish

Hola….como estas?…Ya, that is all I’ve got. Clearly needing some work. The reason? Well, I work at a school with a high hispanic population and I would love to be able to communicate with those students who are not as understanding of the English language and may have an easier time understanding directions in Spanish.

3. Lose 10lbs

I know what you may be thinking. Why would she want to lose weight? How cliché. Well, you’re right. However, i put 10lbs because i am more wanting to tone and get back in shape, which weight loss is part of that package. It will happen. So, while getting back into tip-top shape, i will also lose a bit of fat (inches) here and there. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my body. I just always think there is room to better yourself and this is one way I will try to do that.

So, those are my goals. I will keep everyone up-to-date on this process. I may even upload some “before” photos prior to my working out kick starts.

I hope everyone is ready for their summer, and has set some attainable goals for yourselves as well. I hate to sound like one of my middle schoolers, but in this case, we aren’t getting any younger…

YOLO! (for those who don’t know what it means… You Only Live Once)

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