Thought for the day: #2 Reason I love my boyfriend :)

DSCN3869It is really hard to narrow all the reasons I love my boyfriend down to only 5 things…plus I like to keep some of them entertaining and not all serious…so thinking of this one was a bit harder than I thought.

BUT, I think I’ve got it!

NUMBER TWO REASON: He puts up with me…and my Disney mentality

Poor boy. He had to learn quite quickly that I love Disney and like to think of the World as a happy place where nothing bad happens.

He tends to be the more grounded person in the relationship, when I tend to be a bit more naive to specific topics…such as the human race.

But, when I tell him things like he is my Prince Charming in my little fairytale in my head OR that he reminds me of Danny Zuko from Grease…he goes with it like a total champ.

Who doesn’t love a guy who understand your love for Disney and is willing to go along (to an extent) with your bubbly, optimistic, sunshine thought process.

Perhaps one day I will even talk him into taking a trip to Disney with me 😉

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