Thought for the day: #3 reason my boyfriend is GREAT!

20130101_001439I am sure you are wondering…what is the number three reason I love my boyfriend.

Well, this one is an easy one.

NUMBER THREE REASON: My boyfriend is extremely supportive

My boyfriend is so fantastic about being supportive when it comes to my goals in life.

I have not had the best track record with supportive men in my life, so to have someone who truly cares and wants me to be happy makes me realise how lucky I am.

He wants to me go for my goals for things like my career, and where I would like to see us and other big things.

Even if we have completely different short-term goals, we support each other and know that in the end the long-term goals we have are similar and we are on the same page.

This is a short one, but I mean, what else can I say…my boyfriend is amazing for supporting me and my dreams..and I love him for that.

Plus, I see him in 3 short days! 🙂

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