Thought for the day: A new me…sort of

Lately I have had some extra thinking time than normal.

I have come to this amazing realization that I am very different (in a positive way) since I have moved back from England.

Now, no offense to the city I was born and raised in, but it tends to be a black hole where people my age get stuck…and never leave. So, getting the chance to escape to another completely different part of the World and learn all sorts of things has opened my eyes and helped me better myself.

What have I learned you may ask? Well one thing I grew to love and appreciate about London was its culture and diversity.

London is a city that has multiple cultures mixed into one. If you travel into a different borough of London you sometimes feel like you are in a completely different country due to the change in culture, but that is what makes London so wonderful.

Along with broadening my mindset on different cultures and really learning the meaning of diversity, I also learned a lot about myself and the friends I keep and what kind if people help my succeed and which ones (to be honest…not to offend anyone of course) I learned which “friends” I could live without and not be fussed about it.

Although I love the USA and it has many pros for me that England does not have. Moving to England made me realize mainly that my thought process growing up was not wrong at all.

When I was little I use to tell my family I was “too big for this city…I could do much, much better.” I use to think I just hated it here, but I realize that’s not it at all.

I am bigger than this city for the fact that I know I can do more with my talents else where. Even if it is a city 5 miles from mine now.

So, let’s see what life has in store for this girl. For now, its all about loving my family, saving up for a future with my one and only, and enjoying this city for what it is…

One of the most beautiful cities in the Sunshine State.

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