Thought for the day: Suppose it’s time…

I have been waiting as long as possible till I had to give the final announcement…

For those of you who don’t know, two weeks from today I will be on a plane back to Florida.

Yes, I am moving home.

I am sure you are wondering why?

Well, I am HAVING to leave London due to my visa expiring and I have been unsuccessful in getting a work visa sponsorship.

AKA…I Have no choice but to move home…or stay illegally in the UK.

Which, I plan to come back, so I vote I don’t stay here illegally.

I am gutted to have to  leave this wonderful city and of course to spend weeks at a time away from my boyfriend, however it is not ALL bad.

I am tickled to see my family and close friends.

It will be nice to see them and catch up on how they’ve been doing.

Also, (let’s be real) Florida has much better weather than London. It will ne nice to get some colour on this skin of mine.

Also, I think I will have better luck getting a big kid job in my country of origin

(At least one would think it would be easier…with the economy…who knows)

In the end…yes I am sad to have to leave London. I absolutely have fallen in love with this city.

But I do know that everything happens for a reason…and this move back to the Sunshine State will end with good things.

The World is my oyster. Who knows where life will lead me next.

No matter where I end up I will never forget the life-long friends and memories I have made here in London, the city of double-decker buses and where everyone wears dark colours.

London. It has been amazing. I would not have changed a single thing. Every £ or $ spent was worth it.

Thank you London. I will see you again one day, until then…I will carry on loving you and soaking up all your culture for my last two weeks.

Cheers and much love. xx

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  1. Ruona

     /  January 9, 2013

    London’s just gotten lonelier. For me. 😦


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