Thought for the day: A Better Me

I decided to modify the New Years resolution clichés to create my own resolution that I can to stick to.

I want to BE A BETTER ME in 2013.

Whether that be pushing myself to run a mile without feeling like I am going to die.

Or being a better sister, friend and girlfriend.

Perhaps its strengthening my faith…not only my faith in God, but also my faith in people.

I will try to trust more…and open up a bit more.

I can improve myself by learning to cook…or bake. So I can actually provide my family and boyfriend with an edible meal that they trust 😉

I just want to improve myself in little ways that make one big change this 2013.

Perhaps I will do more volunteer work.

Or be more persistent to get start a career that I enjoy waking up in the morning to go to.

Maybe I will even take up an old passion…just to remind myself what I am capable of.

Either way, I will improve myself in this year. 2013.

Starting now, the improvements begin!

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